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A “Chill” Salon Experience for Looking Great

image1Making everyone feel like they’ve come to the right place is in every stylists’ mind at Parlour Salon East, which operates hair salons in both the Beaches and on Ossington Avenue since 2009.

“We aren’t a pompous, ‘too cool for school’ salon,” explains owner Tyler Moore. “We want everyone to come in and feel relaxed, be treated warmly and get great service. We’re totally inclusive and we listen.”

These days, services in a hair salon means a broad range of styles and treatments. Colour choices are broad (pinks, purple, blue, red, etc.) and can be applied so the effect is bright or intentionally faded. Creativity abounds, especially at a Parlour East. “The most recent creative colour we did is very ‘my little pony’”, says Tyler.

Tyler notes that length is coming back in hair styles, which means a lot of people are growing their hair out. “Balayage” is still popular but “colour melting” is becoming the newest trend. (Belayage is applying highlights on the surface of the hair for a “sun kissed” look. Colour melting involves two colours, where the darker starts at the roots. It looks a bit like a “grow out” but it’s also very natural looking and therefore, appealing to many).
Another part of their secret is to treat their stylists as artists and encourage them to express and be themselves. With a single goal of “making their clients look good” each stylist takes the time to consult with them to get the best outcome.

“Parlour Salon keeps good care of our team and the team in turn keeps good care of their clients,” adds Tyler, “It’s a vibe I believe everyone feels when they come in”. The stylists range from those just starting their career to very seasoned veterans who have been in the industry for many years. The salon offers a level system with different price levels, which benefits both the client and the stylists.

Compared to salons of a generation ago, Parlour East has strong presence on social media. Here clients share everything from the comments about their new hair style to their wedding or the party they attended.

Their active social media visitors also brought visitors from outside of Toronto as well as Canada to the salon. It’s all good “word of mouth” experiences from customers. “Our client range is extremely broad,” says owner Tyler, “From two years old to 80 years young! They come because they’re looking for a chill experience with some of the most talented artist in the city. And we don’t disappoint!”

So what does Tyler like best about his job? “That smile on client’s face, when they look at themselves in the mirror after the service and they feel beautiful.”

The salon also carries professional products such as Kevin Murphy, the Australian brand known around the hairdressing world as being earth conscious and cruelty free – even the containers are biodegradable. This year they are adding Living Proof.

Parlour Salon East
2086 Queen St. E., 416-699-4247