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Pure + Simple The Beach – A Perfect Fit All Round

PureAndSimpleWhen Carmen Doyle set out to run her own business, she had to think first of what she might enjoy doing. A CA by training, Carmen was no stranger to the ins and outs of running a company. She also is a part-time CFO of a software company so she knew what its like to be a small business owner.

“I’d been a customer of the Pure + Simple skincare spa for fifteen years,” she says, “That is where I fell in love with the facials and the products. I had a lot of allergies so right away it was a good choice for me. Also, it’s Canadian and environmentally conscious.”

After professional training in skin care, Carmen took the plunge. She talked with the founder of Pure + Simple, Jean Eng, and in December 2016, opened her own location in the Beaches. This past December she celebrated the anniversary of the story opening.

As a true east-end girl, originally from Prince Edward Island, she explains, “I wanted to be in a neighbourhood that felt like a community. I love the location of our store, where there is so much support from the other business owners, and such great customers that are neighbours.”

The business has been a family affair with Carmen’s daughters, 11 and 13, both helping out, doing everything from moping the floor to counting inventory. When setting up the store, she had help from her brother, mom, step dad, and various other relatives.

She emphasizes that Pure + Simple is all about skin care. The company’s concept is based on the idea that whatever we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies’ circulatory system, meaning it can contribute or detract from our overall health.

For this reason, Pure + Simple manufactures its own line of products in Toronto and also only carries brands and does treatments with safe/natural ingredients.

Specialty services include natural and high-tech facials, laser hair removal, waxing and tinting. The store also carries mineral-based make up.

After a year in business, Carmen is looking forward to meeting new customers and offering new treatments as the founder evolves various skin care programs. ”

“Our real strength is the ability to deliver customized service, to find the right products and services for each individual. So whatever your budget and your needs, come and talk with us.” says Carmen.

Pure + Simple, The Beach
2142 Queen St. E., 416-551-7873