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Soccer Firmly “In Play” for Beaches and Downtown Kids, Youth and Adults

Cherry Beach Soccer club and John Hendriks

John Hendriks, president of Cherry Beach Soccer Club and club members

Within four short years, the Cherry Beach Soccer Club (CBSC) has doubled its membership and grown to 56 house league, 10 competitive and 6 adult teams. More importantly, over 30,000 children and youth in the Beaches and downtown core now have access to quality, affordable soccer that they can get to by public transit.

The club began in 2009 as a not-for-profit organization. It offers recreational house league, development and all-star/rep competitive soccer for ages 5 to adult, on the turf fields at Cherry Beach. The club was soon sanctioned as a full Toronto Soccer Association (TSA) club.

The coaching staff has grown to approximately 50 volunteer and 25 certified coaches. Several young players are now trained so they can earn extra money as referees. The club also has been instrumental in helping fix up some local soccer fields in need of repair.

As a new club, finding field times to play and a place to continue programming during the winter has been a challenge. In November this year, the club is preparing to move into a more permanent home at Monarch Park Collegiate with a domed stadium and state-of-the-art soccer fields.

If all goes according to plan, CBSC will have its own clubhouse as well as a place to run its winter programs, field time for at least 2,400 players during the summer. The move will also allow the club to expand its adult teams. Hendriks is counting on the move to Monarch Park to boost club membership. “The great advantage of soccer”, explains John Hendriks, club president and coach, “every child can play, boy or girl, adult or young person…. and regardless of economic level because its so affordable.

Soccer also brings communities together, and promotes harmony and stability in our society,” he adds. “We want everyone to know that we are here for recreational soccer, competitive soccer and all season development, with of the best of coaches.” The club also plans to introduce soccer summer camps this year.

Hendriks has been a soccer lover since playing the game as a Dutch child in Zaire, where he was born, and competing internationally throughout his adulthood.

Although he works full-time, he continues his heavy envolvement at the CBSC where he also proudly coaches his 14 year old son, Carols, in the Youth Competitive section. His 4-year old daughter starts this spring as a “left footie!”

Cherry Beach Soccer Club • 416-367-4359