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Tanning’s Long History is a “Classic” Tale

ClassicTanBusProfileOwner of Classic Tan, Steve Williams, is celebrating 31 years in the tanning business, selling equipment, running salons, and being one of the country’s experts in indoor tanning.

Classic Tan has been around since the 1980s. He’s been involved in many aspects of the industry as a speaker and consultant to promote responsible tanning and keep the industry respected, and even assisted in writing industry bylaws.

Steve believes in the health benefits of tanning in addition to the benefits of relaxation and appearance. “My customers are health conscious,” he says, “most want a tan, perhaps because they are going on vacation, but they want to get a tan in a controlled fashion.”

The difference Williams offers is “high performance” equipment that reduces the burning rays and optimizes the tanning rays. “Our unique tanning beds,” he explains, “are not like traditional tanning beds that give you what we describe as ‘11am sunlight’. The SunSport/Chronos system emits 6 AM sunlight, which means high tanning power and low burning rays.”

Then there’s the benefit of Vitamin D. Each visit produces a whopping 10,000-20,000 IU’s of natural vitamin D, which is known to help with a wide range of health conditions related to bone and teeth health.

Because of the nature of the equipment, Williams has customers from the Beaches area as well as all parts of the city. “Once they try our system they keep coming back,” he observes.

There are 3 staff on site at Classic Tan. Each are Smart Tan certified in the administration of UV light and have advanced training in the equipment used at the salon.

Classic Tan also offers infrared body wraps. Originally invented to manage the pain of rheumatoid arthritis, infrared body, infrared wraps are now known to help detoxify the body, reduce cellulite, increase metabolism and lose weight.

For those looking for that perfect tan right away, spray tans are administered in a personal spray booth with a formula mixed for your skin type and tan preference, “When you need a tan yesterday for a party tomorrow, “ says Williams, “spray tanning is the way to go.” The formula, based on sugar cane extract, is organic, “It’s so safe you could drink it,” he adds, laughing.

There’s lots of parking both in front and behind the salon, which adds to the relaxing experience. “We’ve always got introductory offers and incentives,” says Williams.

Indoor tanning was first introduced in 1903 by a German scientist. The application of ultra violet light initially was directed at health concerns. With the advent of the industrial revolution, so many more people were working all day in factories instead of outdoors. Miners were getting sick because they spent their days underground. In response, UV light applied indoors by lamps became an effective way to address Vitamin D deficiencies.

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