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The Mother Nature “MONA” Hard at Work for You

Here’s a healthy tip from one of Toronto’s eco-friendly house and office cleaning services. Sheri-Anne Wooley, owner and founder of MONA Home and Office Cleaning, suggests that every day for 20 minutes, you open a front and back window to create a cross breeze. “It’s an old fashioned practice that’s proven to move dust out of the house and clean the air naturally,” she says, “it’s way better than being sealed up in a bubble all day!”

A combination of creating a cleaning service with eco products and practices, and business practices that are people-focused is bringing MONA – short for “mother nature” – many of new customers these days from the Beaches and Leslieville.

“We’ve had a 30% increase in business for four months straight,” says Sheri-Anne. “I believe it has to be with the trust we’ve built, advertising and word of mouth referrals from satisfied customers.”

Wooley started the business in 2008 after being laid off her job and losing a six-figure income. One of the first services she had to let go of was her own cleaning lady. She then faced the question of how to replace her salary and actually started cleaning some houses for a friend. Soon, Sheri-Anne became concerned about the lack of safety in the home service business plus she discovered that after spending just 10 minutes with chemical cleaning products in a shower cell, she started losing her breath.

“That’s when I got the idea of working in teams for security, and using all eco products and practices for health and wellness.”

Today, MONA cleans homes, apartments, condos, and businesses that mimic a home, all throughout the GTA. Although her company is continually praised for its attention to detail, it is the people side of the business that Sheri-Anne continues to emphasize.

“We train our cleaning staff in customer service,” she explains, “this provides them with skills that they can take with them after they leave us – skills beyond just being able to clean.” Staff are also continually given a sense of pride in what they do, “We remind them every day that they are bringing joy into homes because people return after their place has been cleaned and feel good”.

Described as a premium service, the business is fully bonded and insured, meaning that if anything happens to a cleaning lady while at your home, or if anything happens to something in your home, MONA – not the client – is fully responsible.

“We’re told we are detailed, and that our ladies are very friendly, and professional,” says Sheri-Anne. “But the main reason that we know we are providing a good service is that people stay with us for years, many from the very beginning.”

All initial consultations are complimentary with MONA.

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