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Treats Simply Heaven-Sent Tori’s Natural & Organic Bakery

Step into what must be one of the most attractive bakeries in Toronto, Tori’s Bakeshop on Queen Street. The shop is a true delight, with bright white and green decor, unique “whisk” light fixtures and floor to ceiling cabinetry. Recently just opened on March 9, customers are already are lining up to buy a wide assortment of sweet treats as well as savory biscuits, muffins and cinnamon buns.

“I wanted the bakery to be a comfortable place that pleased people,” explains young owner and baker, Victoria (Tori) Vaccher, “So I paid attention to the details, even free WIFI, and we’ll be adding outdoor tables when we get our permit.”

The “details” include glass leaded doors into the kitchen because Tori felt that customers should be able to see how the food they buy is made. This is particularly important at the bakery because everything made there on-site is totally vegan. Ingredients are fresh, never frozen, all natural, organic, and made without eggs, dairy, or refined sugars. There are cupcakes, cookies, squares, and homemade (vegan) chocolate bars. The bakery also offers gluten free options. There are a variety of teas and espresso coffee drinks available, with coffee from The Green Merchant, which uses all fair trade coffee from sustainable sources. Even the packaging provided to wrap your goodies is fully compostable.

There are two other full time bakers who bake alongside Tori, Sammy and Lisa, who routinely gets up at 3 a.m. each day to start work. Tori loves to adapt her grandmother’s traditional Irish recipes and appreciates it when she sends her favorites to try out. The bakery will continue to add items, such as croissants and breads, but Tory is looking to customers for advice.

“I tell our cashiers to listen to the customers, ask what they like and write it down for me,” she says. For example, Tori is quickly finding that many are asking for savoury lunch time items and she often gets asked for custom orders.

Tori, a new Beaches neighbour, graduated from Ryerson University in theater arts. But after becoming a vegan seven years ago, she turned her attention, and education, to baking. Fortunately her parents are also entrepreneurs and helped her get her business underway, first finding a location, renovating the space and setting up operations.

When asked how she likes living and working in the Beaches Tori smiles broadly, “I absolutely love it here,” she says, “I don’t think I could ever live anywhere else…and of course, I have a dog, so I have to live in the Beach!”

Tori’s Bakeshop
2188 Queen St. E.