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Peaches & Blueberries: Ontario’s Finest in Orange & Blue

Blueberries and peaches are two of Ontario’s treasures during July and August. Peach Facts One medium-size peach contains 37 calories, is a source of Vitamin C, A, Potassium and fibre. They help keep your skin healthy and add colour to your complexion. Use peaches in: sliced on cereal sautéed in butter and served on ice cream pureed in a peach … <entire article…>

US $100 bill goes high-tech

The U.S. greenback continues to be a popular currency for travelers. To help protect everyone from counterfeit money, the US $100 bill has had a major high-tech makeover. Two New Security Features: A Blue 3-D Security Ribbon on the Front Tilt the note back and forth and focus on the blue ribbon – the bells change to 100s as they … <entire article…>

Winner of… June/July’s question is Lisa Blonder Ohlenkamp. “The 501 streetcar is indeed the longest in Toronto (24.8 km). It started as a horse-drawn route in 1875 and was taken on by the TTC when it was formed in 1921.” – Lisa Blonder Ohlenkamp This issue’s question: When was Kew Gardener’s Cottage built, who built it and who was the … <entire article…>

Keeping Cool from the Inside Out

Hot temps with no air conditioning? No problem. Here are some simple hints to help cool your body down, from the inside. Stay hydrated. Drink lots and lots of cold water, and try to avoid the sugary beverages. Adding ice may be a temptation, but your body works overtime to warm up ice water, which in turn makes you even … <entire article…>

Hogweed – an invasive, toxic plant populating T.O.

Since early July there has been an increasing concern about the harmful plant, Giant Hogweed. A score of plants have been found in the city, such as along the Don River and on crown lands. With children off school and increased outdoor activities, it is important to be able to identify and avoid being in contact with this poisonous plant. … <entire article…>

Kids “Most Awesome” Summer Story Contest!

Kids: this is your opportunity to be a published author! Write us a story about your summer adventures. Two stories will be picked and published in Beaches|life magazine, October/November issue. There will be two age categories, up to 12 years of age and 13 to 16 years of age, with one winner from each group. Your story can be anything … <entire article…>

“Walk out working” An Experience Worth the Visit

The customer promise at Experience Communications guarantees that the connectivity products and services you buy in store will be up and working before you leave the store. Whether it’s a smart phone, a “rocket” stick, PVR, or a cable for downloading photos—customers aren’t left to call “tech support”. Knowledgeable staff at the store make sure customers receive a full end-to-end … <entire article…>

Beachers got together to kick off summer…

…an afternoon of fun at the 2nd annual Let’s beach! 2010 On June 27, hundreds of local residents, businesses and community members gathered at the Balmy Beach Club for the second annual Let’s Beach event! The afternoon was packed full of live music, food, drinks and great friends. Local artists provided original pieces for an art auction while businesses showed … <entire article…>

Do you have your Summer First Aid Kit?

Everyone wants to have a fun summer. Sometimes, fun leads to cuts and bruises. Don’t let minor accidents slow you down. Here is a list of essential items to make your own first aid kit. Bandages & dressings Sunscreen Cloth tape Scissors Tweezers (for slivers) Cold packs Insect repellant Antiseptic cream (i.e. Polysporin) Antihistamines (i.e. Benadryl for allergic reactions including … <entire article…>