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Avoid Cooling Bill Shock

Running the A/C 24/7 and new HST rates may create a billing “shock”. But there are ways to save money. Over half a million Smart Meters have now been installed in Toronto – this means you can choose a lower electricity rate simply by choosing to run your appliances at a different time during the day or week. Plan to … <entire article…>

Beachers showed their pride on Google Maps – UPDATE

You can continue to add your flag to the map by visiting Beaches residents and businesses waved their flags to celebrate Canada’s birthday. Although we are a ways from our 2010 goal, we still made a big mark on the map with 112 flags – and we now have a year to continue to add to that total! Thanks … <entire article…>

Let’s Go to the Ex 2010 – August 20 to September 6.

65th Anniversary of VE Day This year’s Warriors’ Day Parade on Saturday, August 21 celebrates 4 anniversaries: 65th anniversary of VE Day 200 years of Cavalry and the Governor General’s Horse Guards 150th anniversary of The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada The Canadian Naval Centennial. Many military and para military can take part! General Walt Natynczyk, CMM, MSC, CD – … <entire article…>

What’s not HST-able

We are all aware of Ontario’s new HST – and it may seem like it everything has an additional 13%. In fact there are some products that are not affected by it. Products with 0% tax Basic Groceries (e.g., dairy, meat, vegetables, canned goods)    0% Municipal Water    0% Municipal Public Transit    0% GO Transit    0% Air travel originating in Ontario … <entire article…>

Back to School – A New Beginning

Everyone knows that September is “back to school”. Many of us forget that for many students, it also means a move to something new—a new school, a new start at a college or university, new courses even a new city or town. There are things we can do as parents, aunts, uncles, friends to help children and youth of all … <entire article…>

Safe Summer Fun

Summer is a fun time that can be packed with activities, but it is also a time to be wary of preventable injuries and conditions. Here are some safe summer fun tips to ensure you and family get the most out of the season. Around the camp After a campfire is extinguished the embers remain hot for hours. Keep sand … <entire article…>

Dan Hill – Dynamic Storyteller

It is not by chance that Grammy and Juno Award-winning Dan Hill is one of the most sought-after and admired singer/songwriter/producer in the world. His athletic drive mirrors his dedication to artistic expression. At age 56, Dan has contributed to Canada’s indelible stamp on pop culture. Songs from his early career like “Sometimes When We Touch” and “Can’t We Try” … <entire article…>

From Ontario Farms to Your Kitchen Table

The best time for seasonal fresh produce. After a long winter, Ontario’s spring growing season starts to bear fruit – literally.  Welcome to the beginning of the best eating months of the year! The season for fresh fruit is short. Don’t miss out! Find out when our fresh fruit is at its peak and go ahead, take a big bite! Apples: … <entire article…>

Coming, Going and On The Move

Welcome New Neighbours Amaya Express – 1168 Queen St. E. Atelier – 1584 Queen St. E. The Burger’s Priest – 1636 Queen St. E. Café Florentin, 2nd Location – 948 Queen St. E. Courage Foods – 946 Kingston Rd. Dorly Designs – 1173 Queen St. E. EZ Riders – 1296 Queen St. E. Highway 11 – 1107 Queen St. E. … <entire article…>