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Definitely Keen for KEEN – Join the recess revolution at new Beaches location

Anyone who loves outdoor activities and comfortable feet are happy that the Oregon-based shoe retailer, KEEN Shoes, has opened its first store in Canada, right in the Beaches. The neighbourhood is a good fit for the company that emphasizes splitting your time between work, play and giving back to the environment and community. According to KEEN, “Our shoes are designed … <entire article…>

Freedom and Flight. Come Dance with us at Pegasus – at any Age!

“We’re all about how children learn through the arts,” explains owner and co-founder of Pegasus Studios, Jane Davis-Munro. “Movement through music can start right away. It’s a fascinating area of study and something I’ve always been passionate about.” The Pegasus Dance and Art Centre (today known as Pegasus Studios) was founded in 1986 by Jane and her mother, artist Lynda … <entire article…>

You Ask… You Answer.

Congratulations to Elizabeth Campbell, the winner of our question from the June/July issue. When the blue flag is flying at Leuty Lifeguard station, the beach is designated safe for swimming. NOTE: To make sure that the beach is open for swimming, before you head out, check online for conditions: or   This issue’s question: Why are there so … <entire article…>

Your latest edition and our latest addition

Dear Editor We thought you might enjoy seeing our 8 week old Willow and your publication. As you can see, she is right into it! Cheers, Gary & Iris & Willow

The Movie Shoots… It Scores! 10 SPORTS MOVIES…

The only thing more exciting and dramatic than a great film, is an amazing sporting event… so why not combine the two? With the Olympics currently happening, Beaches|life thought it would be a great time to highlight sports movies. They may not be the most watched, but we are sure you will enjoy the movie competitions.  

Shortcut To Your Businesses

For advertising call 416-690-4269 or email Our next Beaches|life is the Late Summer edition for August/September. Deadline to book your space is July 10, 2012. Alf’s Antiques & Handcrafted Furniture, BDD Landscape Maintenance, Beaches BathCity, Breakwall Restaurant & Bar, 416-699-4000 Budget Blinds, Casa di Giorgio Ristorante, Cherry Beach Soccer Club, Ellyn Lilly, … <entire article…>

Happy Canada Day! How well do YOU know YOUR Country?

Questions: What are Canada’s two national sports? When was “Oh Canada” proclaimed as Canada’s national anthem, 1870, 1935, 1980? What is Canada’s national animal? What is the capital of Canada? Name the five Great Lakes and which one is not in Canada? Who was Canada’s first Prime Minister? What is the origin of the name “Canada”? Who was the Metis … <entire article…>

Pack Smart

Where am I going? What shall I wear? What should I take? Where might you find yourself this summer? Perhaps at a summer cottage, taking a day trip to a festival or show out of town, or flying to the other side of the world. Pick your clothing options carefully, for comfort, style and space! Here are five things to … <entire article…>

What’s in a Name this Father’s Day

This Father’s Day, why not take the time to talk with your family about some family traditions, stories from the past, interesting ancestors. It can be a great time for both fathers and grandfathers to contribute to the “memory bank” of family history. You can even involve children ahead of time by having them think up a question each to … <entire article…>