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Pathway to Success Continuous Education with Sylvan Learning Centre

Imagine that a brisk trip up a flight of stairs is the pathway to success. That is what one will find when they enroll in one of the many programs at the Sylvan Learning Centre. Sylvan is the leading provider of tutoring and supplemental education services in North America. The centre offers an array of programs for students from 4 … <entire article…>

Organic Gardens for Small Spaces

Imagine this summer you can be picking your own tomatoes, peas or your favorite herbs from your backyard, patio or balcony, and adding them to your salads or sauces. They are easy to grow and take very little space and time. Start your urban organic garden with these three popular plants. Tomatoes Tomatoes are easily grown in containers, yielding a … <entire article…>

Coming, Going and On the Move

Welcome new neighbours Abbinante Design – 1842 Queen St. E. All in 1 Cleaning Depot – 2483 Queen St. E. Brighter Smile on Queen – 1588 Queen St. E. CIBC – 1852 Queen St. E. Crepe and Funnel Cake – 2199 Queen St. E. Frankly Eatery – 1118 Queen St. E. Ki Pilates Fitness Studio – 1928 Gerrard St. E. … <entire article…>

Healthy Non-Toxic Lawn & Garden

Using pesticides on our lawns and gardens is unnecessary and harms our environment and the health of our families and pets. As kids grow, their small bodies are more sensitive to the effects of pesticides. As well, since they spend a lot of time playing outdoors, they have a greater chance of coming into contact with harmful pesticides. This ban … <entire article…>

Making room for that fresh Spring Air Getting rid of your junk – Responsibly!

Unwanted Medications Gather them in their original containers and drop them off at a City Household Hazardous Waste Depot. If you have more than 10 litres of material, you can call the Toxics Taxi at 416-392-4330 to arrange for free pick-up. Another option is to ask at your local pharmacy if there is a medication take-back program. For more information … <entire article…>

Pack Your Bags For These 10 Travelling Movies

As the weather starts getting nicer, we begin to plan our summer vacations. These ten movies may give you some destination ideas  for fun adventures you may want to take this summer. No matter where you end up, remember, “there’s no place like home”.

My Secret Beaches Spot

I always enjoy coming to this Secret Beaches Spot, to have a good look and a chuckle. There is nothing else in the area to match it. I never quite know how things will appear, but it is fun and usually beautiful. I’m glad this was set up here because it’s pleasant and entertaining. It also gives me a different … <entire article…>

Homemade Natural Cleaning Products

A lot of our everyday cleaning products are harsh, abrasive and potentially dangerous to your environment, home and family – not to mention, they can be very expensive. Why not use homemade, all-natural products instead? Here are some easy-to-make and effective homemade cleaning products. Lemons – The high content of Vitamin C in lemons makes them an effective skin care … <entire article…>

Not all Olive Oils are Equal

Olive oil has been used as part of our diets for more than 5,000 years. The ancient Greeks as well as modern researchers have indicated that olive oil is beneficial to health and that we should definitely include it in our diet. But, not all olives oils are alike… Extra virgin olive oil is pure, without additives. It is prized … <entire article…>