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Sleeping Your Way to Good Health

We all know that we feel better after a good night’s sleep. But researchers tell us that a good sleep is actually extremely good for our health, including preventing diseases. Those who sleep 7-9 hours a night have healthier hearts and sleep reduces inflammation. That’s good for us because inflammation creates more risk for heart-related conditions, as well as cancer … <entire article…>

You Ask… You Answer.

Answers to last issue’s Question A reader wanted help to identify this animal. Many people have responded to their question with what this animal is – backing up their answer with personal experience and knowledge. What’s interesting is each answer is quite different from the other. We decided to publish some of the more common answers in this issue. The … <entire article…>

Old School Knowledge in a Modern Digital Shop… Just ask Colin

Colin Pawlowski gives his print customers something most shops can’t provide – 37 years of experience in printing, “old school knowledge” in a modern digital print shop. “I know the importance of deadlines”, Colin adds, “I give a fair price, quality work and good service.” Clients of The Anderson Press include many local businesses as well as customers from around … <entire article…>

It’s time for corn on the cob

Many of us look forward to fresh Ontario corn on the cob. It’s sweet, crispy and oh so good with melted butter and a little salt and pepper. Unfortunately, we are also out of practise when it comes to cooking it – ending up overcooking and making it chewy. Here is a sure way to boil the perfect cob: Fill … <entire article…>

My Secret Beaches Spot

Sometimes you just turn your head and are surprised by what you see. One day when I was taking a walk I couldn’t help to stop at this group of trees, their roots and the mood they created. I found it spectacular and very unique.  – Louie N. Answer to Win Do you recognize this photo? If you can tell … <entire article…>

Get trendy this Fall

Fashion experts say if your shoes and hair look good, then  YOU look good. Check out the shoe trends for this fall! Boots, boots and more boots, from over the knee to ankle, and with heels ranging from stiletto, platform or wedge. Look especially elegant this fall by choosing a slim fitting boot with a rounded toe. Platforms and flats … <entire article…>

Visit Toronto’s Grand Ol’ Lady

Let’s Go to the EX – August 21-September 7 The Canadian National Exhibition is an 18-day fair that  takes place every August, concluding on Labour Day. 130 year History: In 1878, the Provincial Agricultural Fair was held on what was to become Exhibition Place. This Provincial Fair moved each year to a different town or city, and in 1879, Ottawa … <entire article…>

Hot guys… cool job!

Getting insight from the firefighters from station 226 T he historic fire station at Main and Gerrard  houses 40 local heroes. Beaches|life sat down with Station 226’s Crew A, Captains Gary and Ken, and firemen Clay, Bill, Tony, Tom and Mark (alias, “the Rooster”). Bill (second from right) and Mark (third from left) grew up in the Beaches. Bill has … <entire article…>

Things My Father Taught Me

Most of us remember things our fathers taught us, perhaps when we were very young or even as a rebellious teenager!  This Father’s Day, say “thanks dad”. Thank you for… Showing me how to ride a bike… by taking off my training wheels, even though I begged you not to. Teaching me the perfect slap shot… when I should have … <entire article…>