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5 things to do with Pumpkins

What is your business image? Thriving Ad Company selected beaches, by choice.

The Ad Company at Queen and Coxwell discovered the secret that aften escapes the world of design, that is, “We design for our paying customers.” Owner and designer Gerry Tate, along with Creative Director Joan Mann, understand that listening to customer needs is what it’s all about, particularly when you are designing company catalogues, corporate identities, web sites and ad … <entire article…>

The Magic of Soup

On a crisp day, there’s nothing more magical than our favourite “comfort food”, soup! You can turn leftovers into a great tasting, nutritious soup. Hot soup makes you feel better when you are “under the weather”. Soup is part of the recommended 8 cups of water per day. Having a bowl of soup before a meal boosts your appetite and … <entire article…>

Preserving famiglia tradition in the sunshine

It is harvest time and many families not only celebrate with holidays like Thanksgiving, but also through cultural traditions that brings many families together and preserve the sunshine of summer’s bounty through the long winter months. One Saturday morning, our director Hong Zhao discovered her Italian neighbour doing just that.  Outside in the warmth of an early September morning, Frank … <entire article…>

Harvest festivals around the world

What you don’t know could fill a cornucopia. North America – Thanksgiving was brought to North America by European settlers and first held in Canada in 1578. This celebration evolved out of the Jewish holiday of Succot, an ancient harvest festival of the Israelites. Ancient Egypt – This spri ng-time harvest festival was dedicated to the honor of Min, their … <entire article…>

Beaches Living connecting you and your customers

Nine reasons why Beaches Living is your best connection to the Beaches community. 9  A team of friendly Professionals – We will help you meet your marketing needs to promote you and your business. 8 Beaches Contests and Photos – Organizes community contests (My Secret Beaches Spot, Halloween Decorations, etc.) and online photo galleries of community and business events. 7  … <entire article…>

Royal Bank Leslieville Branch asks: What can we do for you today?

The Royal Bank Leslieville opened its doors a year ago (Sept. 2007) as a brand new branch looking for brand new customers. Almost 12 months later, the beautifully appointed branch has established a strong reputation in the Beaches and Leslieville community as super friendly and service-orientated for both retail and small business customers. Branch Manager Erin Shields credits this response … <entire article…>

Beaches Entertainment Pass – an entertaining gift idea

Finding the perfect gift has never been easier The Beaches Living Entertainment Pass is the perfect gift to give to family, friends, neighbours, employees, coaches or teachers. It’s the perfect gift because: ✓ it’s easy to buy ✓ it fits your budget ✓ everyone loves movies and shopping Each pass gives you a movie, plus your choice of a restaurant … <entire article…>

Zero items in your Inbox (0)

Like most people, you probably empty your mailbox at your front door or hallway every day. Then you sort your mail, recycle some and keep the rest, probably in just 3-4 piles. But do you use your computer mailbox the same way? If you are like most people, probably not. Here are three easy steps to a more organized, and … <entire article…>