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Your Home’s “To Do” List – Who are you going to call?

Do you have a “To Do” list for your home? Maybe you don’t know how, or don’t have the tools, to get these jobs done. Perhaps the person you’re hoping can help (like your spouse!) just isn’t getting around to doing them. Look no further. Mr. Handyman is specifically designed to do your list of home (and office) repairs and … <entire article…>

Patio Talk & Enjoy the Patios on the Beach Contest…

Who doesn’t like sitting on a patio for a cool drink and a delicious meal? Beaches|life wants you to enjoy the patios this summer by giving away: $100 and three $10 prizes to spend at one of your choice of our featured patios: Breakwall Restaurant & Bar Le Nouveau Papillon on the Park Sauvignon Vin Bistro To enter, tell us about your favourite Beaches and … <entire article…>

My Secret Beaches Spot

I learned that this simple yet stylish looking panel, with gold rim numbers framing the clock, has a significant connection to our day-to-day life. I was intrigued when I learned more about it. Chuck L.     Tell us by May 10 where the Secret Beaches Spot photo was taken, and you could win a Persuasion Coffee & Chocolate Gift Package … <entire article…>

Summer Online Safety For You And Your Kids

Summer holidays means more time for your kids to be sitting at home, unsupervised at the computer.  The Internet may help us do many tasks now that we couldn’t easily do before, and gathers up information from around the planet with a simple click of a mouse. Your computer is a source of a lot of “invisible” information that continues … <entire article…>

Ontario Fruits and Vegetables – Taste Them Again for the Very First Time!

All year round there is a treat that many of us eagerly await – it’s that first bite of a fresh Ontario peach, those first slices of vine-ripened tomatoes, unbelievably sweet Ontario strawberries, blueberries packed full of flavour, a bowlful of black and red cherries, juicy and sweet Ontario muskmelon. The season for fresh fruit is short. Don’t miss out! Find out when our fresh … <entire article…>

Shortcut To Your Businesses

For advertising call 416-690-4269 or email Our next Beaches|life is the Summer edition for June/July. Deadline to book your space is May 10, 2012. Advanced Tree Care, Alf’s Antiques & Handcrafted Furniture, BDD Landscape Maintenance, Beaches BathCity, Beach Shop, Beach Studio Tour, Budget Blinds, Cherry Beach Soccer Club, Cherry Beach Soccer … <entire article…>

Fashion Trends You Can Use

Toronto Fashion Week in March led us into this season’s spring fashion trends.  You may think you can’t keep up with the latest in women’s or men’s styles, but everyone can find something that suits their personality. Here are some hot new trends. Check out how you might make them work for you.   Today’s Fashion Trend Making it work … <entire article…>

Orange pants, patterned pants, funky shoes

Wardrobe Renovations – Open your closet before your wallet

Before you head out to hunt for new pieces for your spring wardrobe, renovate it first. Decide what you are going to keep, recycle or enjoy once more. Clean up your closet and storage areas. If clothes and shoes are showing too much wear, let them go. It’s too easy to stuff old, ill-fitting underwear and lingerie in drawers.  Make … <entire article…>

Woman looking at clothing

Smoothies – Drinks of Champions!

It is no wonder that smoothies have become so popular lately!  A good smoothie can get your morning started with a boost of fruits and vegetables. Or it can be a healthy, filling snack for you and your kids. Seniors who don’t want to cook for themselves or may just not feel like eating find smoothies a great way to fill … <entire article…>

A tall glass of fruit smoothy