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Biz talk – A Personal “Thank You” Goes a Long Way!

Looking for ways to thank your staff or your customers this holiday season? Try and think of a way that thanks them that represents who you are: Homemade baked cookies or chocolates packed in a tin box says that you really spent a bit of time doing something nice for them. Gift certificates can seem a bit too easy, but … <entire article…>

Food Talk – The Perfect Holiday Gift – Friends, Teamwork & Choice

In today’s internet inspired world, most communication is done through email and text messaging – even talking on the phone has taken a back seat.But during the holiday season,the gathering of friends and family continues to be strong.Why not enjoy your time together making something that is fun and creative –a candy buffet. If you are having a party, instead … <entire article…>

Warm-up your winter on the Ice

Enjoy one of Canada’s oldest and most popular recreational activities. Warm up your winter spirit with some ice skating in your neighbourhood and around the City. Coupled with a hot chocolate, hot apple-cider or even Gluege (hot wine) this is sure to be a wonderful wintertime activity.There are many arenas and rinks around you and across the city offering many … <entire article…>

Spread a Little Civility

During the season of giving, don’t forget to pass on some civility During the season of giving, some believe that in a busy city like Toronto, rushing and stress levels cause toomany of us to forget our manners, get upset too fast, honk our horns too quickly, get pushy at the mall. Studies show that acts ofcivility and simply being polite, … <entire article…>

Getting ready for “Big Snow”

Like it or not, sometime between November and March, Torontonians will feel the full effects of winter and get at least one big snowfall. Don’t get caught by surprise one morning. Here’s what to do to make sure you’re ready: Get out the mittens and hats to avoid last minute searching through closets and drawers. Remember to place a set … <entire article…>

De-clutter Before you Shop – and for a Good Cause

Holiday gift giving, new decorations, boxes of chocolates? We love it all but before long we’ve just added to all the stuff already filling our closets and drawers. Before setting out to shop and decorate this year, take a few hours to de-clutter with others in your household. Go through each room, including the garage and basement, and collect items … <entire article…>

Lighting Up

The end of the year and beginning of the New Year is a time for celebration for many around the world of different faiths and traditions: Christmas and its different dates, the Winter Solstice, Hanukkah and Diwali. But regardless of how you celebrate, traditions are best when shared with others, family at home, extended family, friends, colleagues at work and … <entire article…>

Kicking off Awards Season on January 15

The 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards® take place on January 15. This year’s host, once again, is the funny Ricky Gervais. Somewhat unpredictable, the Golden Globes® also give us a glimpse at what might be Academy Award® contenders as well as the best in television. Watch for nominations to be released on December 15. It has already been announced that Morgan … <entire article…>

Money WiseShopping Tips

Not just for the holiday season!  Shopping for the perfect gifts? These tips may help you save you time and money. Look for the item you always wanted. A gift will always be loved when it is the right item, regardless of the price.     Quality may cost more… but in the long run it is usually worth the … <entire article…>