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What’s on your cruise “bucket list”?

Drop in and Make Your Dream Come True Where would you like to spend your next vacation? According to Dave Young, owner of Expedia CruiseShipCenters, “Everyone dreams about where they’d like to take their next vacation. By visiting his newly opened store on Queen Street, it’s easy to make that dream come true, and at a price you can afford. … <entire article…>

Zero to 100 Miles for Your Patio Table

Getting your food from your backyard to within 100 miles (locally grown) is recognized as a healthier lifestyle and kinder to the environment. Most produce you find at a local farmers’ market has been picked within 24 hours. It’s ripe, fresh, full of flavour and you are giving back to the local economy. Locally grown foods are said to consume … <entire article…>

CompletePets – the Pet Store on Four Wheels

People love their dogs and never has this been more evident than in recent times – we can pamper them in doggy spas, buy them gourmet treats and even dress them in designer doggie fashions! In this vast world of pet services, local Beaches resident David Schmidt is filling one of the last remaining gaps in the market – a … <entire article…>

Summer Jewelry Trends

Summer has arrived and along with it the plunging necklines that make way for your bold and chunky statement necklaces that are all the rage. Pair them up with some classic silver hoops and you have your go-to pieces for the season, said by Lara Bazant, jewelry designer. Check out these Hot Jewelry Trends for this summer! Big mixed cabochon-style … <entire article…>

Put your flag on the map!

Unlike our neighbours to the south, Canadians are quite reserved when showing our pride.  A Canadian team is in the Stanley Cup Finals which has us bursting open with excitement and uniting us from coast to coast. Let’s take this pride and heat it up just in time to celebrate Canada’s 142nd birthday. Once again Beaches|life encourages you and fellow … <entire article…>

Lessons in Business first learned at Camp!

Every year, thousands of families send their children to camp. Most parents were campers themselves and know only too well the valuable “life lessons” learned in a camp setting as well as memories of fun and friendship that last a lifetime. We have to depend on each other There are no “lone rangers” in camping. Everyone has an important role … <entire article…>

You Ask… You Answer.

Winner of… Congratulations to Evelyn Beatson, the winner of our question from the April/May issue “…when was the first Easter parade held and who started it?” Evelyn let us know that  the parade started in 1967 along the Boardwalk by an East End Community Group in which there were three Lion Club members. It moved to Queen Street in 1972 … <entire article…>

Coming, Going and On the Move

Welcome new neighbours Aroma Taste of Middle East – 1966 Queen St. E. Bath City – 974 Kingston Road Beaches Fitness Facility – 1089 Kingston Rd. Ellyn Lilly –  2190 Queen St. E. Hooked – 888 Queen St. E. KEEN – 952 Kingston Rd. Knead Bakery – 929 Kingston Rd. Mac Fab Home – 734 Queen St. E. Mobilicity – … <entire article…>

You Ask… You Answer.

Winner of… Our question from the February/March issue “…how long have people skated on the Glen  Stewart Ravine?” has stumped our readers. Although many residents have told us that they have seen skating on that rink for as long as they can remember, we know that children today are at least third generation Glen Stewart Ravine skaters. This issue’s question: … <entire article…>