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What is Your Brand?

Brand is a favourite buzzword for marketers. But don’t think it only applies to large companies. Every business, from the smallest to the largest, needs to understand what brand is, and most of all, how to establish your own brand and how to keep it strong. Many people think that brand is about your logo or the design of your … <entire article…>

Advertising Your Business Personality

Can a business have a personality? You bet it can. Think for a moment about one of the biggest business personalities Toronto has ever seen. You guessed it – Honest Ed’s! For the past 68 years, there was no place quite like Honest Ed’s, a store that garishly and boldly made a statement every day as a retail wonderland for … <entire article…>

Reaping the Benefits of Your Business Harvest

Have you ever thought of your business in terms of four seasons? The business of farming follows the calendar with specific activities designated for winter, spring, summer and fall. But if you think about it, even businesses that aren’t related to agriculture can be thought of in terms of seasons. Fall Finally, you come to the harvest. This is when … <entire article…>

Two Words that Make a Big Difference to Business

Thank you. Those two words are two of the most important for any business owner. You do your best to provide the best services or the highest quality products. Maybe you cook great food in your restaurant, or provide reliable plumbing when there’s an emergency. But when was the last time you actually thanked your customers? Research shows that saying … <entire article…>

Be part of the “Next Big Thing”

By now, you’ve thought about or already made plans for growing your business in 2016. Growth doesn’t have to mean a big step but it’s an indicator for moving forward. Sometimes a series of smaller, careful steps move your business forward in a way where you can track your progress, reflect on what is working and adjust as you go … <entire article…>

What’s Your Story? Customers Want to Know!

In many cases, your business is about selling your story. Either personal or professional. How you started. Why you started. It connects you with your customers by letting them get to know you and your products. The “story” of your business can be the most compelling reason why customers notice you and take interest in what you are selling. Don’t … <entire article…>

Let Customers Talk Behind Your Back

When customers talk about your products or services it can be very, very good for your business or, unfortunately, very, very bad. In fact, 72% of the population is motivated to write a poor review of a product or service if they’ve had a bad customer experience. Ouch. That’s almost three-quarters! And good and bad word travels fast with today’s … <entire article…>

Adopting the Changing World in Your Business

Today, technology has changed the way we do business, whatever business you are in. You don’t need to be an IT business but you are sure to be affected one way or another. The best way to keep up with the ‘trend’ is to open yourselves up, explore and learn about the new soft tools that are available, and find … <entire article…>

Running your business? WORK – LIFE – BALANCE

If you are a business owner, you probably work 50-60 hours a week. This doesn’t include time you spend collecting messages at home, making phone calls or just thinking about work. With today’s technology, the challenge is even greater because you are always “reachable’ and most people expect an instant response. This happens because running a business involves so many … <entire article…>