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Loyal Customers Deserve LOYAL Treatment

Customer loyalty is extremely important to businesses these days. Smart business owners know it! Look for ways to make your loyal customers – those special people who bring you return business or even refer you to new customers – feel special. Customize your rewards according to the nature of your business to create a “win-win” for both you and your … <entire article…>

3 Questions to Inspire Business Success

No matter what your business is, you can’t do it alone. If you can get others to share the excitement you have for your business you can inspire them to work with you toward the same goals. Simon Sinek, a communications expert, offers insight into leadership through his lecture at TED Talk “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” which identifies effective … <entire article…>

Small Retail, Big Benefits!

A thriving community is made of residents, community services and various unique and convenient retailers – big and small. In recent years there have been changes in neighbourhood design. There has been a growing trend towards “big-box” stores from intimate walkable urban streets. However, unique local retail stores continue to thrive in your community and visiting them first still has … <entire article…>

Earn your business “Likes”

How to be social… media that is! Being social is a part of us and our business, with customers, clients, co-workers, suppliers and peers. The term “social media” seems to have taken over our old-fashion way of social communications. To help you understand better what social media really is and if it’s for you. Or, have you missed anything if … <entire article…>

Make Holiday Relationships Resonate Throughout the Year

For most businesses, the holiday season is the make it or break it time of year. Customer loyalty is the life blood of your business and its success. There are some businesses, that are not so holiday related or reliant, where it actually is a quieter time. However, in either case, instead of expecting more business from your customers and … <entire article…>

A summer eTip: It’s easy, simple and you won’t forget an email again

During the summer, we all want to take some time off to travel or go to the beach. If you have a business, you don’t want to be too wired up with your e-communications, but you also don’t want to forget anything important that you might have put aside while you are on vacation. Try this tool – every email … <entire article…>

Customers love a celebration & they will celebrate along with you!

When is the last time you celebrated a milestone? Most businesses celebrate opening day or a special milestone. But why not add a few more celebrations to the list? You’ve got lots to celebrate – length of years, new products and services, achieving awards, etc. The positive attitude you build with celebrations helps build trust with customers and gives you … <entire article…>

Clear Communications is Vital

Clear communication applies to each and every one of us, everywhere, anytime and every day. It doesn’t matter if we are shopping, hanging out with friends, at work or simply spending time at home with family – clear communication is key. And it is crucial towards the success of your business, buying or selling, in-person and online. Here are some … <entire article…>

When Customers are Top of Your Mind, You Become Top in Their Minds

Keeping in touch with your customers is key to building trust and loyalty – and a loyal customer is the most valuable asset to your business. There is no better time than this holiday season, to let your customers know that they are on top of your mind. “Top of mind” goes both ways between you and your customers. We … <entire article…>