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Websites are here to stay

It’s been 20 years since the first website was launched. Today, websites link together over 1 billion people worldwide. Websites are the first place people now check when they find out about your business. A good website makes a great first impression. Websites provide for a two-way conversation. Customers can come and look, then ask questions, follow up with an … <entire article…>

New Decade – New Success

A little planning and action will help your business succeed in the new decade. The first decade of the new millennium has gone by quickly. Over the past ten years, there have been significant changes, from lifestyle to technology, as well as new insights on how to best run our businesses. Company and personal branding is more important than ever … <entire article…>

When was the last time you took a real vacation?

Vacation, vacation, vacation, by definition: Leisure time, away from work, devoted to rest or pleasure. Whether you work for someone or have your own business, many worry that something is going to happen while they’re away and that without them there  the business would collapse. Are we really so indispensable? The magical thing is, without you, the chaos at work … <entire article…>

Lighten Up!

Okay, so the economy has slowed down. We get it. We’ve been hearing about it now for months. From the reports in the news, you would expect to find no one in the stores anymore, no one shopping, no one traveling, no one having any fun. But this isn’t what’s happening around our city or in our neighbourhood. Yes, things … <entire article…>

Super Bowl Small Business

Everyone knew when the Super Bowl happened, even if they didn’t watch it. Now, that is a recession proof business! This year, despite the “down-turn”, the adverting fees for the Super Bowl actually increased to US $3 million for a 30 second commercial. What can our Super Small Business in the Beaches (less than 20 employees) learn from this 43 … <entire article…>

Ways to get loyal customers

Do Good And Tell There is an ever increasing competition for business and environmental care. It’s all about building customer relationships and loyalties. The more customers know what good things you are doing for them, their neighbours and the environment, the more likely they will become a loyal customer. Here are three easy tips to follow to help make and … <entire article…>