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Features local businesses, owners and services that you don’t see from the store front

The Beacher Café Where East Meets West

It’s the kind of place that you walk into and time seems to stand still. Since 1986, the Beacher Café has been a landmark at the corner of McLean and Queen Street East. You’ll see it drawn on a city mural at the Toronto Convention Centre, and read about it in the Lonely Planet. It has the atmosphere of a … <entire article…>

The Family that Grills Together Stays Together

Classic Fireplace and BBQ Store is part of a family business like no other! The Malcolms (6 siblings in total, which include Josh, owner of the Queen Street store) independently own and operate 10 “hearth and BBQ” stores in the greater Toronto area. It all began with their father, David, almost 40 years ago, who went in search of a … <entire article…>

Family Run Business for Family Run Farmers

When you take over a family business, sometimes it means you can remain committed to the idea of a true, family-run business. This certainly is the case for Sanagan’s Meat Locker, one of the few places in the city where you know you are buying Ontario only meat and other products. It all started when Peter Sanagan was walking through … <entire article…>

Born To Be An Entrepreneur

Christi Johnson, owner of Still Images, has been part of the photo business literally all her life.  She grew up in a tiny mining town of Tumbler Ridge in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, where her father, a geologist and photographer, also ran the local framing service. She then worked at her mother’s photo lab in Calgary, and after … <entire article…>

Giving Back the Envy Way

This past August, Yasmin Boga did what has always been second nature to her – helped someone out in the community. After heroically saving three people from drowning, a man had his wallet, shirt and sunglasses stolen. Without a second thought, Yasmin replaced his glasses as a gift. “It was the least I could do,” she says. Yasmin is owner … <entire article…>

From Corporate Life to Family Business

After 25 years as a successful marketing executive for large, big brand accounts, Carolyn Scharf made a very gutsy move—the single mom left the security of her job and set up her own business. “I just couldn’t get excited about the work anymore,” she says, “I had to try something different.” Carolyn chose the spa industry because of the growing … <entire article…>

Inspired by The Beatles haircuts: The Fiorio Success Story

Maurice Fiorio loved The Beatles when he was a young boy living in France in the 1960s. In fact, he and his friends desperately wanted to look like the hottest new music group, with haircuts like John, Paul, Ringo and George. “Our local barbers only knew how to give us crew cuts,” Maurice recalls, “But we wanted to look cool, … <entire article…>

Building a Dream Medical Grade Skin Care – a Boutique Success Story

While studying for her nursing degree at Ryerson University, Christina Mitanidis worked at a well-known Toronto skin care spa. It was then that she began to learn about the skin care industry. She discovered that she want to provide the services that is not just about selling products but serving clients by providing professional skin care treatment. So, she had … <entire article…>

New Hope for Kids Struggling in School – Addressing Dyslexia

Monica Hough faced an unexpected challenge when she and her mother began to notice that her young daughter was struggling with letter recognition and reading. She had to wait 3 years to have her daughter tested and was formally diagnosed Dyslexia (difficulty with reading), Dysgraphia (difficulty in hand writing) and Dyscalculia (difficulty with calculations). After researching and learning more about … <entire article…>