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Liona Boyd – The Migration of Canada’s Monarch of Classical Music

Canadians have always been enchanted with classical guitarist Liona Boyd. The many accolades she’s received include five Juno awards, the Order of Canada and the Diamond Jubilee Medal, to name a few. When perusing her many recorded albums you will find world-renowned guest artists including; Yo Yo Ma, Eric Clapton and David Gilmour of Pink Floyd. In 1975 Liona was … <entire article…>


When Michael Thornton first started to play recreational soccer at the Beach Community Soccer League, it didn’t take long before parents and coaches alike began to notice that he wasn’t any ordinary soccer player. Even at a young age, Michael demonstrated the agility, speed and competitive spirit needed to play with the best in the world. What is not so … <entire article…>

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Rick’s Summer Report – 
Rick Mercer on jigging a cod and strolling the Boardwalk

Rick Mercer is Canada’s number one political satirist, comedian, and television host. The Rick Mercer Report – Canada’s funniest and most watched comedy show filled with rants and funny takes on the week’s top stories and lively cross-country adventures. Born and raised in Newfoundland, the St. John’s suburb of Middle Cove.  Rick Mercer’s genius was first recognized when he won Newfoundland’s … <entire article…>

Stompa Serena – 100% Canadian Content

Two things that are 100% made in Canada are our music awards, The Junos (coming to us live from Regina and Moose Jaw on April 21) and Serena Ryder. Serena is a 29-year old singer three-time Juno award-winner music star. A true Canadian, grew up in Millbrook, Ontario, and now lives in Toronto – the city she loves. “The more … <entire article…>

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From the Halls of Degrassi to the Real Life of Luke Bilyk

For a young actor looking to get into the entertainment business, Degrassi: the Next Generation star, Luke Bilyk, has a valuable piece of advice, “Don’t ever give up”. “You may have to audition with 400 other actors,” he says, “all competing for the same role. But just always remember, they only have to say yes once, and your career is … <entire article…>

Out There, Right Here with Melissa DiMarco

Canadian film television host/producer/actor/journalist, Melissa DiMarco is no stranger to the entertainment industry. In her current show, Out There With Melissa DiMarco, now in its 7th season, she plays herself, an entertainment journalist. The show has become one of Canada’s longest-running television programs. The show mixes celebrity interviews with scripted comedy that takes a behind-the-scenes look at her life. It … <entire article…>

Renovations with Purpose

Scott McGillivray has the Midas touch for turning properties to gold! Most people know Scott as the host of HGTV’s hit television show, “Income Property”. In this unique show, Scott educates viewers how to turn their residences into income generating properties through renovating, renting and market appreciation. Scott recently finished taping season seven of the show with new episodes airing … <entire article…>

Rowing Towards Olympic Glory

By the time this story is published, local athlete Victoria Nolan, will be training in Portugal en route to the 2012 Paralympics Games in London, England. No stranger to winning, Victoria and her crew won bronze, silver and gold medals at the World Rowing Championships and came sixth at the 2008 Paralympic Games in Beijing. She and her team broke … <entire article…>

Experience the Jukebox on Steroids The Doubts come to Let’s beach!

Recently described as “a juke box on steroids”, The Doubts is a band to be experienced, not just heard through a headset. As they’ve built a reputation for their ability to get their audiences involved in the music, they’ve also been given the title of “the ultimate party band”. “We really get a crowd going,” says Eric Lam, founder, one of the lead vocalists and keyboard … <entire article…>

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