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Rowing Towards Olympic Glory

By the time this story is published, local athlete Victoria Nolan, will be training in Portugal en route to the 2012 Paralympics Games in London, England. No stranger to winning, Victoria and her crew won bronze, silver and gold medals at the World Rowing Championships and came sixth at the 2008 Paralympic Games in Beijing. She and her team broke … <entire article…>

Experience the Jukebox on Steroids The Doubts come to Let’s beach!

Recently described as “a juke box on steroids”, The Doubts is a band to be experienced, not just heard through a headset. As they’ve built a reputation for their ability to get their audiences involved in the music, they’ve also been given the title of “the ultimate party band”. “We really get a crowd going,” says Eric Lam, founder, one of the lead vocalists and keyboard … <entire article…>

BeachesLIfe Cover, June 2012

Persuading with a Kind Heart Arlene Dickinson, television’s beloved businesswoman

For many, Arlene Dickinson is a celebrity, best known as the only female dragon, a venture capitalist on CBC’s Dragons’ Den, now in its sixth season. With an estimated net worth of $80 million, and a packed life as one of Canada’s leading businesswomen, top CEO, self-made millionaire, author, entertainment personality, mother and grandmother, one would wonder if Arlene Dickinson has any “down time”. “I’ve been very … <entire article…>

Dragon out of her dan

Dreaming Big As The Sun

UPDATE (May 1, 12) – READY, SET, AND GO! Follow up our story “Dreaming Big As The Sun” published in February Beaches|Life. – Marcelo da Luz and his Power of One (Xof1) Solar Car is heading off for a new challenge, 28 days pulling his solar car from Toronto to Otawa. Taking off this morning 10 am from Earl Haig … <entire article…>

Top of her Game – Chef Crawford Just Keeps on “Pitchin’ In”

With 24 years of culinary experience working in top restaurants across North America and as Executive Chef at the Four Seasons in Toronto and in New York City, Lynn Crawford has earned her title, “Canada’s Top Female Chef ”. Lynn has become a household name because of her show“Pitchin’ In” on the Food Network, where she travels all over North … <entire article…>

Beaches|Life Dec/Jan 2011_12

Jimmy Canning, Canadian Veteran, Local Hero

A special feature honouring Remembrance Day with a story from a local World War II Veteran. At 89, Jimmy’s eyes sparkle when he talks. The Canadian veteran remembers every date and detail, like the day he signed up the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps when he was just 20, his trip overseas in 1942 with military service personnel on the … <entire article…>

Cynthia Mulligan, Front Seat to the World

Cynthia Mulligan, Reporter, CityNews, has been part of the Citytv news team for over 20 years. Her success and zest for life, in spite of hurdles put in front of her, are an inspiration to us all. Just ask her about her job and her life as a reporter, and her eyes light up with excitement and enthusiasm. “I love … <entire article…>

Man’s Other Best Friend

“BBQ is my life,” says Ted, whose home office is his actual backyard. He describes it as “Casa BBQ”, and it’s outfitted with no less than 65 grills and smokers.  Last year the count was closer to 100 but Ted generously donated 25 to the 2010 Beaches Yard Sale for the Cure. Ted believes that cooking outdoors has a special appeal, particularly to men (often … <entire article…>

The BBQ GUY - Ted Reader

Spring Showers Bring Frankie Flowers

For many of you Frank Ferragine is a familiar face, even if his name is not. You may know him better as Frankie Flowers, the zany gardening guru/weather guy who has been sharing his expert gardening tips with viewers on Citytv’s Breakfast Television for the past seven years. Frankie’s passion for plants has its roots in his childhood, as does … <entire article…>