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Grilling Glorious Vegetables

Grilling on an outdoor grill or BBQ today means way more than just meat. There is no vegetable that can’t be grilled. You just have to know how long each will take and the best way to serve once cooked. Traditionally, we’ve all known that onions can be grilled with kebabs. But what about squash, broccoli, even romaine lettuce? Yes, … <entire article…>

Celebrating the Mighty Dog… Hot Dog, That Is

Is there any food that says summer better than the hot dog? Like ‘em or not, the hot dog is here to say. Some trace its origins to the Romans, where Nero was served a sausage on a bun. The German city, Frankfurter claims some credit (of course) and the Viennese invented the wienerwurst (wiener). But the man responsible for … <entire article…>

Getting Egg-Cited!

If you’ve been avoiding eggs because of concerns linking them to dietary cholesterol and coronary heart disease, it’s time to reconsider. The latest research shows that healthy adults can enjoy an egg every day without increasing their risk of heart disease. Canada’s Food Guide considers two eggs the same as one serving from the Meat and Alternatives food group. So … <entire article…>

Back to Basics Taking Stock in Soup

During our Canadian winters, there is nothing more comforting than homemade soup, especially with your own homemade stock. It’s easy to make, inexpensive, very nutritious and gives you a flavourful base for any soups you wish. It may take some time to make, but once you’re done, you will have stock to use for a long time, when properly stored. … <entire article…>

The Joy of Holiday Cheer

Guests arrive at your door, what better way to greet them than with a warm welcome and a hot or cold drink. Depending on the weather outside, you’ll want to plan accordingly. Be ready to adjust at the last minute! Snow, cold and ice outside? Offer something warm, like hot apple cider or mulled wine. Warmer weather, rain? If the … <entire article…>

Pumpkins – So much more than just a Jack-O-Lantern!

  Pumpkins are good for so much more than just Halloween. The lowly pumpkin, seeds included, is truly a super food. Eating pumpkin protects you against heart disease and cancer, fuels you with vitamins and protein, helps make you look younger, feel better and lose weight!  Here is why: Vitamin A – A quarter cup of pumpkin gives you all … <entire article…>

A Real Peach of a Treat

Ontario peaches rank as one of the most luscious fruits you can eat. What comes out of a tin can through the winter don’t come close to what its like to bite into a freshly picked peach, harvested under the summer sun. Ontario peaches come from Ontario’s greenbelt, including the Niagara region, ready for picking by mid-summer. The mighty peach … <entire article…>

Craft Beer Not so “Micro” Anymore

The beer landscape is changing rapidly in Canada. Craft beer is becoming mainstream. This popularity has a large number of craft brewers vying for your attention. Beer enthusiasts everywhere agree that the popularity of craft beer is surging. There are more brands, more awareness, more promotion, higher availability. In Ontario, this can be traced to several factors. First, there is … <entire article…>

Poutine: A Canadian Love Story

While Canadians may not be able to take credit for world-class foods like sashimi, guacamole, or lasagna, we do have one dish that we can proudly claim as our own: French fries and cheese curds smothered in gravy – otherwise known as poutine. While its hometown is in dispute to this day, one thing’s for sure. Our country’s much-loved dish … <entire article…>