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Taking Care of your Body Inside Out!

Prevention From Getting the Cold and Flu As we head into the winter season, more people are getting attacked by cold and flu. The infection usually comes from outside sources, such as things we touch and being in contact with others who are already infected, it’s our immune system that ultimately protects us, but if it is weak, it may … <entire article…>

Colds are in Season Don’t Let it Catch You

Cold season is upon us. You’ve noticed that others around you are talking about feeling sick, and you’ve stocked up on boxes of tissues just in case. There are over 100 varieties of the common cold virus, and no one has figured out how to eliminate colds. But scientists certainly know how colds spread, and what you can do to … <entire article…>

Have a Happy & Healthy Summer While Preventing Tick Bites

It’s the best time of year to enjoy the great outdoors, either at the  cottage, camping, canoeing or just going for a nice walk in the woods. While you’re enjoying yourself, it’s important to understand the potential risks of Lyme disease and how to protect yourself. Lyme Disease is a growing concern for those who love the outdoors. But understanding … <entire article…>

Summer Steps for Healthy Living

Simple Steps to Improve Your Health while Enjoying Summer Living Even adults have a “school’s out” attitude during the summer. The days are warmer and longer, everything seems a bit lazier, and less chaotic. Even taking deep breathes of air feels so much more refreshing! This is a great time to adopt some summer habits for improving your health. Health … <entire article…>

A New Look at the Sunshine Vitamin “D”

There was a reason for our grandparents taking a daily dose of “cod liver oil”. The strong, rather unpleasant tasting oil contains almost half of Health Canada’s daily dose of vitamin D. But today, many Canadians are at risk of not getting enough of this important vitamin. There are now, many other options to cod liver oil (although you can … <entire article…>

A Healthy Life with a Lasting Bright Smile

The health of your mouth is directly connected to the health in the rest of your body and vice versa. There was a good reason that we were all told by our parents to brush our teeth. We knew it would give us a bright smile, prevent cavities and keep our breath smelling fresh. There is more, much more – … <entire article…>

Music for the Soul & Health

Have you ever exercised to music and felt like a superstar? Has a beautiful piece of music ever reduced you to tears? Do you put on relaxing music for an evening at home, plug in your favourite tunes when you’re on an airplane or cleaning up around the house? Music isn’t just something that impacts your mood. Music is actually … <entire article…>

Investing in Healthy Bones

As we are living longer we must invest more to health for a better and happier life. Building up healthy bones early in life through proper diet and exercise will help prevent osteoporosis later on, and this is why it is considered a disease of childhood that manifests in old age. Chronic diseases, such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, are becoming … <entire article…>

Happy Feet – Good for the Sole!

This may seem obvious, but you’ve only got two feet. And those feet have to last you a lifetime – in fact, they have to last you on average 75,000 miles by the time you are 50 years old. Imagine that. No matter how tall, slight or robust your body frame, your two feet, supported by two ankles, do it … <entire article…>