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Yoga For Heart!

It’s well known that a healthy heart comes from heart pumping cardiovascular activity. On the other hand, yoga is recognized for relaxation and flexibility. The history of yoga goes back to ancient India where people practiced it to increase tranquility and spiritual insight. Although yoga does not count as moderate intense exercise, it’s proved to benefit heart health as much … <entire article…>

Say Goodbye to Flu this Winter

When you are rushing around ahead of the holidays, staying up late and stressing about what you need to get done, your body is more vulnerable to germs. All of a sudden, you are sick in bed at the very time you want to feel and look your best. At this time of year, it is especially important to fight … <entire article…>

Laugh yourself to better health – Truly, humour is the best medicine

When did you last have a good “belly laugh”? We all love a good comedy or joke, but did you know there are proven health benefits when you laugh? Research into the medical benefits of laughter began in 1979 with the story of Norman Cousins, who was given a few months to live.  Cousins credits his recovery in large part … <entire article…>

Tanning is not Burning

Looking for healthy, glowing skin, a deeper, richer colour, or a “sun-kissed” look that says you’ve been outside enjoying the weather? Tanning, a process that usually happens after you get an initial sunburn, is NOT the answer. Today’s healthy skin can glow, show colour, even sport a “sun kissed” healthy look without a burn. What’s the harm? According to cancer … <entire article…>

The Path to Men’s Health

Men’s health is often overlooked – sometimes because activities such as yoga or cardio fitness classes are filled with more women than men; other times because when men think of ways to optimize their fitness level, they default to strength training and/or cardiovascular exercise as the gold standard. However, a balanced lifestyle, healthy body inside and outside, is equally important … <entire article…>

Don’t Let Seasonal Allergies Put A Stop To Your Fun In The Sun

Spring has sprung, and summer is on its way! This means we can only look forward to more sunny days, hotter temperatures, outdoor patios, and days at the beach… Can life get any better than this? After surviving one of our coldest winters in 25 years, most Torontonians would likely say ‘no way!’ But what about those city dwellers plagued … <entire article…>

Food for Thought – Going Nuts is Super for the Brain

People today are living longer – and better – than ever before. While our ancestors may have never dreamed of living well into their nineties, continuing to enjoy life a good 30 years after retirement is the new norm. So it is more important than ever to consider the lasting effects of the choices we make when we are younger. … <entire article…>

Don’t Let the Flu Get to You

Holiday season is a joyful time to enjoy with family and friends. Who wants to be stuck indoors taking pills and feeling miserable? Take control of your body this season and don’t let the flu get you down “period”! Everyone is at risk of getting the flu. Get the flu shot each fall to protect you and your family, friends … <entire article…>

Treat chronic inflammation with natural remedies before it takes control of you!

People live with inflammation every day and tend to treat the symptoms and not the cause. Inflammation is the body’s natural and healthy reaction to injury or infection. Tissues affected become swollen, red and painful. But many external and internal factors can trigger inflammation as well. The most common are: Drug/alcohol overuse Environmental toxins Free radical damage Stress Diet high … <entire article…>