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Health talk: Foods that De-stress

It is true. Some foods and beverages keep us ‘wired’, like caffeinated beverages, and others, like chamomile tea, help calm us down. Checkout these facts:B vitamins and magnesium are involved in the production of serotonin, which helps regulate mood and relieve stress. B12, in fact, is one of the most important vitamins involved in the synthesis of the ‘happy’ brain … <entire article…>

Health Talk – Soup That Heals!

Grandma was right! Soup not only warms us up and fortifies our bodies it is actually proven to help us get better when we’re sick. Soup stock is “liquid nutrition”, packed full of vitamins and nutrients in an easy-to-digest format, especially for those who are ill or lacking an appetite. It provides necessary fluid and warms our bodies. Maybe you … <entire article…>

Summer Food Safety

Summer Food Safety Keeping food safe and your family healthy during hot weather isn’t complicated. Health Canada suggests four simple rules that we all can remember: Separate, Clean, Chill and Cook. Separate: Always separate your raw meat, fish and eggs from cooked foods, fruits and vegetables. Pack them in separate bags and wrap them separately in the refrigerator. This avoids … <entire article…>

Sun-Damaged Skin? You Can Turn Back Time

Most of us know that hours spent under the sun, or using tanning beds, accelerates the photo-aging process and can lead to sunburn and skin cancers. Unfortunately for some of us, the damage was done long before we began following these warnings, and our skin shows it. The good news: you can reverse this damage! Photo-rejuvenation or “photo facials” are … <entire article…>

Spring Cleaning, Inside & Out Importance of Detoxification & Cleansing

Health is your wealth – when spring arrives, many gear up for annual spring cleaning, dusting away cobwebs and purging accumulated stuff, letting fresh air flow through our living space and clearing more space for new and better things in our life. Our body requires a similar clean up, so it is vital to our health to undergo a proper … <entire article…>

Increasing Nutrients Through Food

Whether you grow your vegetables or buy them from the grocer, the quality of your food directly affects how well you digest and metabolize it. About 80% of Canadians have poor digestion, meaning they’re not able to utilize all the nutrients in their meals. Here is how your digestive tract operates: In the mouth, food is broken down into smaller … <entire article…>

New Year, New Health

Instead of a long list of resolutions, just make one this year – I promise to eat better for better health. Then try to make gradual improvements instead of getting discouraged by plans you can’t keep! These tips will get start you on the right path. What you eat & drink: Drink six to eight glasses of water a day. … <entire article…>

Walking for Life

Why is it important that we walk more? The answer’s easy. Walkers have less chance of getting cancer, lower incidence of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other killer diseases; they live longer and are less stressed. Heart Disease: Walk 30 minutes a day to cut your risk of heart disease. Cancer: Physical activity like walking reduces a woman’s risk of … <entire article…>

Keeping Cool from the Inside Out

Hot temps with no air conditioning? No problem. Here are some simple hints to help cool your body down, from the inside. Stay hydrated. Drink lots and lots of cold water, and try to avoid the sugary beverages. Adding ice may be a temptation, but your body works overtime to warm up ice water, which in turn makes you even … <entire article…>