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Great Outdoor Adventure Movies

Summer is the time for going on great adventures. Some, it might be a trip to the beach or the amusement park with your family. Others, have a much bigger idea of what adventure means. These movies are a combination of self discovery, being one with nature, conquering the elements and some simple fun. Hope you enjoy these films, some … <entire article…>

All Aboard! – Movies on the High Seas

With the summer weather now upon us, we daydream about spending a lazy day sailing or cruising on the water. Here are ten films that take you onto decks of many ships from many eras. Of course, if it‘s a movie about a ship, there is always a chance that it won’t end up right-side-up. Better wear your life jackets. … <entire article…>

A Great Vintage – Movies to Wine About

The only thing better than getting your wine on is doing it while curled up in front of your television with a wine-related movie. Here is a list of some great movies about wine. Some are funny, some sad. Others are dramatic where some are based on fact.  This is one list of movies where you and your friends are … <entire article…>

Mega Movies & Series for the Young in Mind

Some movies that are made for adults bring out the kid in all of us, whereas others are made for audiences of kids and teens. These ten movie/series, although made for or about kids and teens, they by no means are meant for the younger audience. Enjoy these adventures (not only for those under 20)!

Movie Inspired Musicals

The Silver Screen and the Great White Way Over the years, theatre has inspired film, and film has inspired theatre. These ten movie musicals all started as movies first, and the twist is, none were originally musicals. All had their musical debut on stage.                    

Some Real. Some Serious. Some Fun. All Fashion Movies

Fashion is everywhere and especially well represented in our favourite movies. Here are ten films that represent the best and not so great world of fashion.              

Over 66 Million Years in the Making – 10 Dinosaur Movies

This summer’s biggest blockbuster stars creatures that roamed the earth 230 million to 66 million years ago – and they still can sell out the theatres. With the success of Jurassic World, Beaches|life features the prehistoric creatures.  Can you imagine a time when giant lizard-like monsters ruled the world? Well these films may help you realize it.       … <entire article…>

Travel Around the World in 10 Movies

Summer is the most popular season to travel. These movies will take you and your family around the world in the comfort of your own living room. From the clubs of New York to Piccadilly Circus, the bright lights of Las Vegas to the deserts of India – there’s no need to pack or apply for a passport. Sit back, … <entire article…>

10 Springtime Movies

Goodbye winter… hello spring! In this issue, we’ve decided to feature the great films that celebrate the season so many of us look forward to. It came to us as a surprise that there really aren’t a lot. Sure, there are thousands of spring break “romps”  but films actually about spring itself are few. So, here are some films that … <entire article…>