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Movies & Theatre, under the stars

With the beautiful summer weather, why not enjoy the cooler evening air while watching a film or play under the stars? Screening locations are available throughout the city.  Enjoy some popcorn, a cool drink and your favourite movies under the stars. Free Outdoor Movies Screenings Flicks at Harbourfront Wednesdays – July and August The screen is right by the … <entire article…>

10 Movies That Will Grow On You

In this issue of Beaches|life, we are celebrating the arrival of spring with movies about, inspired by, shot on location or simply having in its title – Garden. After a busy day working outside, getting your gardens and yards ready for the warm seasons ahead,  relax on your comfy couch and enjoy these movies.             … <entire article…>

Big Dreams Start Young – 10 MOVIES TO INSPIRE

We all have dreams, some are obtainable where as others may not be. We start to dream at a very young age and as we grow they become more  complex. This issue of Beaches|life is celebrating the dreams and inspirations of younger people and what journeys they take to fulfill them. Some of these movies are based on actual events … <entire article…>

The screens are alive with the sounds of 10 MOVIE MUSICALS! …

With the highly anticipated release of “Les Miserable” in theatres on Christmas day, Beaches|life decided to celebrate the movie musical. A huge industry in the 1930s to 1960s, the movie musical has made a resurgence over the past 10 years. Pull up a chair, turn the volume way up and get ready to sing, sing, sing!

Sink your teeth into these films 10 FOOD MOVIES for the harvest season …

During this harvest season there is nothing like indulging in a fine meal or watching a great film. In this issue, Beaches|life decided to combine the two and brings you 10 great movies about food. We hope you enjoy these tasty films. There are even a couple that your entire family can feast on together.

The Movie Shoots… It Scores! 10 SPORTS MOVIES…

The only thing more exciting and dramatic than a great film, is an amazing sporting event… so why not combine the two? With the Olympics currently happening, Beaches|life thought it would be a great time to highlight sports movies. They may not be the most watched, but we are sure you will enjoy the movie competitions.  

Here Comes the Bride – 10 Wedding Movies …

As we head into the wedding season, here are some movies to help alleviate some of your stresses as you yourself may be organizing your own. After watching some of these films, you might just realize that your plans aren’t so crazy after all. So cozy up with your partner, pop some corn and have a great date night… you … <entire article…>

Everything old is new again – 10 B/W classic movies

Today we are so accustomed to special effects, computer generated scenes, 3-D, and surround sound. As Oscar approaches, one film that has stirred up a lot of “buzz” is “The Artist”. The unique thing about this film is that it is a silent movie. With this in mind, Beaches|life decided to look back and feature some of the best films from Hollywood’s black and white era. Although … <entire article…>

My Holiday Movie Tradition

Hello, I am Ted Niles, the designer of Beaches|life magazine. Most of you don’t know that I’m also the one who makes most of the “Top 10 Movie Picks” in each issue. In this issue, I’d like to share my holiday movie tradition I do with friends and family. This time of the year, we are all so busy cooking, … <entire article…>