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The Birth of the Emoji

Emoji are more than a millennial messaging fad, they are more like a primitive language. The characters represent the first language born of the digital world, designed to add emotion to flat text. Emoji first appeared on Japanese mobile phones in the late ’90s, and have become a standard way people communicate. In 2015, (Face With Tears of Joy) became Oxford … <entire article…>

Live Streaming – An Alternative to Cable and TV

In today’s digital age, there are many new options to watch your favourite television programs or movies other than traditional television broadcast over the airwaves. With a streaming device, you can chose from one of the many services, at low or no cost:  AMAZON PRIME VIDEO – Original productions and TV to match Netflix. You can subscribe as a stand-alone video … <entire article…>

Adding Tech to the Bedroom

This time of year, we all have less and less time for ourselves. Longer days at work, holiday parties, shopping and various school concerts and sports tournaments. It seems that the only time we have for ourselves is when we go to bed for the night. So, why not make it a better experience?  The following items are some gadgets … <entire article…>

Cool Tech for Your Car

We spend so much time in our cars, we are always trying to fill it with the most advanced technologies. Today’s vehicles are filled with so many conveniences it’s hard to believe there are more you would need, but we always do. Here are six gadgets to make your drive even more fun-tech-filled. Air purifier – Plug into your car’s … <entire article…>

5 Great Apps You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Today, it’s hard to imagine not having everything you need right in your pocket. Our mobile devices help us do everything from shop to get around town to go on a blind date. Apps like Twitter, Spotify, and Amazon are on most of our phones, but what about those lesser-known ones? Here are five great and yet obscure apps you … <entire article…>

Staying Ahead with Tech Part 3: 5G Technology

In the last edition of Beaches|life, we featured Home Automation as part of our three part series: Staying Ahead with Tech. In this final part, we are looking at the future of mobile technology – 5G.  What is 5G? The simplest way to explain it, 5G is the fifth generation of wireless technology. It has faster data rates and lower … <entire article…>

Staying Ahead with Tech Part 2: The Smarter Home

In the last edition of Beaches|life, we featured Augmented Reality as part of our three part series: Staying Ahead with Tech. In part two, we are looking at the Smart Home. Smart home gadgets let you turn your lights on using your smartphone, stream music to a speaker, remotely lock your doors, clean your house, and much more. More than … <entire article…>

Staying Ahead with Tech Part 1: Augmented Reality

Every year, thousands participate in the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and thousands more write and talk about the latest trends in technology equipment and gadgets. This year, the Las Vegas show featured hundreds of presentations from exhibitors on what’s to come in tech in the foreseeable, and at times, somewhat distant future. Over the next three editions of Beaches|life, … <entire article…>

3D Printing – Today and Tomorrow

3D printers are a new generation of machines that can make everyday things.  They can make pretty much anything from ceramic cups to plastic toys, metal machine parts, stoneware vases, fancy chocolate cakes or even (one day soon) human body parts. They replace traditional factory production lines with a single machine, just like home inkjet printers replaced many printing presses … <entire article…>