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Music Your Way, Every Day

In the past, if you wanted to listen to music or any other type of audio, you downloaded an audio file in a format such as MP3. You then saved the songs to playlists or albums, until you ran out of storage! Today, the tech-smart music lover uses a streamlining delivery method to hear their music. Streaming music, or more … <entire article…>

Protecting Your Valuable Memories

Many travel through the summer or get together with friends and family they haven’t seen in months or years. Our photos are precious reminders of these wonderful times, whether we are with family in our backyard, or trekking through the Alps. Don’t let the failure to back up your photos take away those memories. The technology is available, easy to … <entire article…>

Protect Your Identity – It’s the Only One You Have

What is identity theft? Identity theft doesn’t just happen in movies. It’s when someone is using some of your personal information, including their name, bank information, credit rating, or even your reputation for criminal purposes. According to Canada’s Anti-Fraud Centre, there are over 12,000 Canadian victims of identity theft each year. Check out our helpful tips to make sure you … <entire article…>

Money Saving Apps

So many apps out there that help you save the most, spend the least, and make life a little easier. Even saving a few dollars each week can really add up, so pick an app to help put a bit of extra away in a savings plan or for that next special purchase.  Cut your gas bill with GasBuddy – No … <entire article…>

Best & Strangest Tech Gadgets for 2017 – Why Don’t You Decide!

Whether you are on the go, in your office or at home, new technology gadgets can save you time as well as make life easier. Check out some of these great new gadgets. ALEXA – You’ve probably already seen her in action in television shows! Alexa is the intelligent personal assistant developed by Amazon Lab126, made popular by Amazon Echo. … <entire article…>

Gift Giving Apps for the Holiday Season and All Year Round

It is the time of year for gift giving, but how do you keep track of what you’ve bought or who you’ve bought it for. How do you make sure you’ve stayed within a budget? Or perhaps you don’t set a budget, but want to spend similar amounts on each family member? And what if you had that great idea … <entire article…>

What makes your mobile hAPPy?

There are now over 2 million apps available, and the number grows each day. Some, like Facebook and YouTube are used by almost everyone. Others, much less known, have a loyal following because they appeal to a specific need: an entertainment app like Candy Crush, the exercise goals of MyFitnessPal, or productivity from Trello. Many are free. Some have a … <entire article…>

Let Your Smart Phone Be Your Wallet

Wallet collects all your passes, tickets, and cards, all in one place! Wallet, including Apple Pay, is Apple’s answer to digitizing all the cards that are overflowing your billfold, purse, or pockets. Wallet stores virtual versions of all your passes, tickets, coupons, credit cards, debit cards, and loyalty cards so you can easily access them at any time. Wallet is … <entire article…>

Plan, Store, Share, Enjoy! Apps for Smart Travellers

Remember a time when the maps and pamphlets you were using to plan a trip covered the dining room table? Not any more. Whether you’re hitting the road or taking to the skies, there are countless digital companions to plan your itinerary, line up your tickets and connections and make sure you’ve got a record of everything you want to … <entire article…>