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Sharing Your Screen Remotely – JOIN ME!

With the mobile app you can join an online meeting no matter where you go.  With two versions, a free edition and a pro package, offers meetings for everyone. The app is very intuitive, click the “start” button to start a meeting or click the “join” button to attend one. It’s that simple. The pro version gives people … <entire article…>

tile – Your Personal “Lost & Found” Device

How often have you misplaced your keys or wallet? Maybe your child came home from school only to say, “I know I had my backpack during lunch time.” Wouldn’t it be great if you had something to help you find your precious stuff? Well, now you do… introducing Tile. Tile is an inexpensive device to help you keep track of … <entire article…>

Pack the sun in your bag for endless power

Ever found yourself on a hike, maybe on a camping  trip or even at home with no power and your favourite electronic device’s battery is dead? With no electricity to give your devices the needed jolt to get up and running, what can you do? The answer is above your head….. way above. Solar panels are becoming very popular on … <entire article…>

Keeping Cool. Looking Cool. Saving Money!

The Nest thermostat works off the premise that so few homeowners actually set up their home’s programmable thermostat – so the Nest programs itself by learning your household patterns. For example, if a family typically likes the house to be 20 degrees Celsius during the day, and an energy- saving 17 degrees at bedtime (around 11pm) in a few days … <entire article…>

Spring Clean – Cable Management

Wires and cables are the ugly afterthought of many home offices and entertainment units. By the time you’ve wired up your network, plugged in your lamps, phones, computer equipment and home theatre your floor looks like a rat’s nest. Cables and wires crisscross the floor, clutter your desk and stick out from behind your beloved flat screen tv. It doesn’t … <entire article…>

Tech Trends for 2014

A new year and another Consumer Electronics Show has come and gone. This year, along with an infinite list of new tech toys, three major trends have emerged. Wearable Tech One of these trends is the so-called wearables – smaller-than-ever computing devices that double as watches, glasses, sneakers and other such forms. The wearable with the most buzz is Google Glass, … <entire article…>

Keeping Your Receipts Organized and Help Keep Your Bank Account Under Control

As we keep trying to move towards a paperless lifestyle, we now have a solution for that drawer full of sales receipts. There are several smartphone apps available that help you electronically store receipts, this is just one of many for both iPhone and Android devices, simple to use and of course, free to download. OneReceipt can store all of … <entire article…>

Chat Away – a new way to connect

A free app used by 300 million people can’t be wrong. Be the first one to know and tell your friends to WeChat! WeChat is a new and powerful mobile communication tool. You can send voice messages, video, photo and texts. You can also create different group chats and find new friends nearby to talk to. It works on iOS, … <entire article…>

Hold the universe in the palm of your hand

The Universe is vast but you can hold it all in the palm of your hands. These five astronomy apps are only a sample of what is available for your OS and Android devices. Have fun while you learn about stars, constellations, planets and moons all from the comfort of your backyard or favourite camping site. Pocket Universe by John … <entire article…>