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5 Helpful Apps when you are on the road or vacation

AroundMe by Attorno A Me S.R.L. [Free] Find out information about your surroundings. AroundMe quickly identifies your position and allows you to choose the nearest bank, bar, gas station, hospital, hotel, movie theatre, restaurant, supermarket, and taxi. For every listing you can choose to see its location on a map, view the route from where you are, add the information … <entire article…>

Device on Ice

Is it okay to text or compute while gathered with friends and family on the patio or deck? We say no, leave your phone and your computer inside. It’s not cool to Twitter or chat online during a social gathering, especially when you’re visiting face-to-face on a warm summer day or evening. The same goes for collecting emails or finishing … <entire article…>

What is the “Gadget” of 2011? Everyone is Talking Tablets

Tablets are more than high-tech eye candy. They have taken the best of today’s devices, such as notebooks, smart phones and game consoles, and packaged it into one sleek gadget. 5 reasons tablets have taken off as the must-have tech-tool of recent history. It’s Portable Allows for a mobile workflow like editing/proofing a document, reviewing graphic details missed on a … <entire article…>

R U an Appoholic?

ap.po.hol.ic  adj. To be addicted to buying/ downloading apps for your smartphone. This includes daily searches for new interesting apps to download. (Urban Dictionary) While I was writing this, the Apple website was counting up to 10-billion downloaded apps from their App Store. I am sure many of you have a number of those 10-billion in the palm of your … <entire article…>

A New Web Browser has Arrived – Google Chrome

The people that have brought us Google Earth, Google Maps, G-Mail and many other helpful computer tools have now launched a new web browser called Google Chrome. A stable, fast and simple browser is essential   considering how much time we spend online searching, chatting, shopping, banking, reading and watching videos. Here’s a brief outline of what Chrome brings to the … <entire article…>

Connect your Laptop to your Television

There are many reasons why you might want to connect your laptop computer to your television.  Some popular ones include: You may have downloaded some movies/videos and want to watch them on the “big screen”. Your  friends are over to see your vacation photos and you don’t want them to crowd around a little laptop screen. You missed your favourite … <entire article…>

US $100 bill goes high-tech

The U.S. greenback continues to be a popular currency for travelers. To help protect everyone from counterfeit money, the US $100 bill has had a major high-tech makeover. Two New Security Features: A Blue 3-D Security Ribbon on the Front Tilt the note back and forth and focus on the blue ribbon – the bells change to 100s as they … <entire article…>

Be Smarter than your Smartphone

Today almost everyone has a smartphone. We use it to text, tweet, surf, chat and talk. It has become our computer away from home. Of course, all this convenience comes with a price. It is estimated that 1 in 6 people have been afflicted with mobile “bill shock”. This is when your bill is much higher than your plan’s monthly … <entire article…>

Drag & Drop

Turn emails into tasks or appointments instantly Outlook or Mail, as well as most email/calendar programs, makes it easy to drag emails directly onto your digital calendar and task list. This means you can set up appointments and manage your tasks with one click. It preserves your original message and all the details. When you review your electronic To Do … <entire article…>