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Fabulous Holiday Tips Made Easy with Steven & Chris

Maybe the economy has taken a downward turn and your Christmas budget has suddenly shrunk, but that doesn’t mean your holiday spirit needs to follow suit! Hosts Steven Sabados and Chris Hyndman of CBC-TV’s STEVEN AND CHRIS have some timely tips on how you can be just as fashionable, your home just as festive, and your parties just as spectacular – without spending a bundle this year.

Start the season with the right attitude. This year of all years, Christmas is not about the presents—it’s the people who count. Celebrate your family and friends with a fabulous seasonal soirée, but stick to the basics and focus your efforts.

Deck One Hall


  • Keep things simple and tasteful by decorating one room—the living room.
  • Choose your holiday theme colours. Look at what inspires you in stores and reinterpret them at home.
  • Crave new ornaments, but don’t want to spend the money? Do an ornament exchange with a friend.
  • Make a centerpiece with everyday grocery items. Pears, green grapes and clementines can be mixed with inexpensive greenery. Place the fruits on a cake stand or a decorative plate on an upside-down bowl.
  • Dimming your lights and lighting candles creates an intimate and sophisticated atmosphere.

Delectable Servings

  • Ask people to bring their own drinks.
  • Choose simple appetizers – little pastries or a basic cheese dish.
  • Decorate a cheese dish with olives, nuts and fresh vegetables with dip.
  • Cookies are a holiday tradition.
  • Remember to set aside some time to bake them.
  • Visit for great recipes that can save time, money, and impress your guests.

An Excuse to Dress Up

  • This season you can’t go wrong with reds, metallics, winter whites, or ruffles.
  • Red is a classic holiday colour. It could also be worn simply on lips and nails, or as a great pair of shoes.
  • Metallics create instant glam and festive spirit, in gold, pewter, and even rose. Don’t overdo it, try to keep it to one piece. You can also add metallics through accessories.
  • Any item in a rich vanilla colour is the perfect winter white – it looks great with everything.
  • Lastly, a feminine blouse with all its ruffles, bows, pin tucking and prettiness is the perfect accompaniment to any piece.