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Fall in Love with Sarah Richardson – Designer with a Difference

Toronto native, Sarah Richardson, is a designer with a difference. She’s quickly become known for her creativity and well-honed design skills, always ready with endless ideas for transforming a home, cottage or office. With her trademark enthusiasm, Sarah describes how she was “always painting, drawing, sewing, rearranging and experimenting from an early age”. Now with four television shows (Sarah’s House, Sarah’s Cottage, Design Inc. and Room Service) and  a recently launched line of paints (the Sarah Richardson Designer Palette by PARA) Sarah’s going strong!

Born in October, Sarah figures it’s part of the reason she loves Toronto in the fall. “I love the cool, crisp air, the sparkling sunshine, and the changing leaves in the ravines,” she says. “There’s nothing better than piling on a cozy sweater and scarf, pulling out leather gloves for the first time, taking a walk through the falling leaves, and coming home to light up the first fire of the season. It’s magic!”

Growing up in Moore Park, Sarah attended Havergal College for high school. Following that, she set her sights on the University of Western Ontario where she received a Bachelors of Arts in Visual Arts.

“I am a self-taught designer and have learned everything I know from reading, experimenting and imagining,” Sarah tells Beaches|life.

Sarah’s work is featured frequently in design publications in Canada, the US and the UK. She’s also the youngest designer to be named one of Canada’s foremost “stylemakers” by Canadian House and Home magazine.

Beaches Life asked Sarah for a few simple tips for decorating your homes for fall:

  1. Add a bold new shade of colour. It’s an easy and quick way to make a big change in a fashionable hue.
  2. When painting walls in a dramatic shade, opt for a flat finish paint so the end result looks rich and velvety (it also helps hide a less than flawless finish).
  3. Fall is the time to make your home a cozy cocoon in preparation for the long winter ahead. Add a touch of warmth and luxury because after a busy day it’s a treat to curl up and surround yourself in softness.
  4. Create a timelessly classic home. Make sure your most expensive “investment” pieces are covered in fabrics that will work for years to come. Unlike a bold floral pattern, a simple, neutral sofa will adapt easily to many different schemes.
  5. Pillows and accessories can help you achieve an up-to-the-minute look that you won’t be stuck with forever (animal print pillows, yes…animal sofa, no thank you!)
  6. Layer textures and patterns to create a dynamic palette. Even in a neutral room it’s possible to create interest and excitement by incorporating a variety of different textures.
  7. Never make big decisions because you are time pressured to host a party or event, never buy the first and most expensive piece you see for a room, and never paint a room without first testing the colour!
  8. Plan ahead if you want to get your home ready for holiday celebrations. If you are dreaming of redecorating with a deadline in mind… start now!

Visit Sarah’s website at for more information and tips.