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Laura DiBattista – News Anchor, Health Specialist and Hometown Girl

Laura DiBattista, no stranger to Torontonians, is a life-long resident of the Beaches. When she is not in front of the camera, researching current health topics  or on assignment, Laura loves to work out at the Balmy Beach Club, spend time with family (daughter, husband, mom, sister) and friends, and especially enjoys having family meals together.

As part of a fall family tradition, Laura and her mom preserve tomatoes together. This fall, not only did they preserve 10 bushels of tomatoes, they also introduced her friends to the trad-ition. “My girlfriends are true ‘beach girls’, they hadn’t experienced putting up tomatoes before!” she told us.

Laura loves to cook – it can be French Filet Mignon or traditional Italian. Recently for her daughter’s 17th birthday party, Laura roasted peppers and eggplants on the barbecue.  Along with her love for cooking, Laura is also an avid gardener.

In her HealthWise report on CityTV, Laura covers topics such as nutrition, keeping people well, and eating right. Laura’s advice is stop smoking and drinking pop. When it comes to avoiding prepared and processed foods, Laura follows the wise advice of her grandmother, “ I stick to food that she would recognize as food,” Laura explains.

Laura is proud to be a true hometown Beacher girl. She attended Norway Public School, Fairmount and Monarch Park before heading to Ryerson University for Radio and Television Arts. “I just can’t picture myself living anywhere else. I just love that we have this huge expanse without concrete. Lake Ontario displays a different personality every day of the year.”

Laura joined CityTV in 1983 after graduating from Ryerson University and was soon drafted for on-camera work. She spent two years as host of “CityLive at Five” in 1998 before returning to “CityPulse at Noon.” Today, she is Co-Anchor for CityNews at Noon and reports on a regular basis for “CityPulse” as health specialist.