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Mom, You’re Awesome! – 10 Reasons (and more) to Thank our Moms

DD-Mothers-Day-Illustration-22211On Mother’s Day, celebrities now thank their moms publicly on Twitter,
“HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to my amazing mother! And all the wonderful mothers out there,” writes Reese Witherspoon (@RWitherspoon); “I love you, Mom! Every day is Mother’s Day. XO,” tweets Mindy Kaling (@mindykaling).

And it’s not just the stars on Twitter. Messages far and wide are sent via Pinterest, Instagram, and in Canada, over nine million printed Mother’s Day cards.

Each of us has our own reasons to thank our moms, not just on Mother’s Day, but on every day of the year! Here is our top 10 list for “why we love our mothers”. Add your own!

  1. For all those meals she’s prepared as well as pizza and ice cream that always appeared before us despite how tired or busy she was!
  2. Being a super hero when we needed a costume on a day’s notice, black shoes for a band performance, skates sharpened for a practice in an hour and new mitts (a day after we lost our first pair).
  3. Cheering us at hockey games, soccer practice, music recitals and the school play – when we were the best, and when we were the worst.
  4. Knowing where everything lost is hidden and being able to produce it when we need it.
  5. Letting us have a pet even though she’s the one that ended up caring for our dog, cat, hamster, fish, etc.
  6. Helping us learn to drive in her car.
  7. Putting up with hearing us yell, “Mooooooooooooom” at the top of our lungs but pretending that she didn’t notice that we didn’t text her back.
  8. Patiently listening to all the drama in our lives (still!).
  9. Loving us and believing in us, even when we were teenagers or making a mess of things.
  10. And giving birth to us in the first place!

“A mother is one to whom you hurry when you are troubled.” – Emily Dickinson