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10 ways to heat up and cool down this Summer

  1. Feast on fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables – raw, grilled, dipped or steamed!
  2. Enjoy calorie-free Toronto water, with ice cubes made of frozen lemon slices and blueberries.
  3. Enjoy a better quality of sleep. Stay up later, open a window to let in fresh air, remove electronics like cell phones and computers, then fall asleep to the sounds of a summer night!
  4. Invite old friends and new neighbour to share your interests, a game of tennis, softball, or badminton, followed by a tall drink in the shade. By surrounding yourself with interesting people you bring positive energy into your life.
  5. Take your exercise program outdoors in the shade – yoga, tai chi, Pilates. Don’t forget the sunscreen and water.
  6. Relax with a pedicure – hot pink or fiery red polish!
  7. Plan your next winter vacation in the snow.
  8. Look up evening special interest courses for the fall so you can learn a new skill, bring out your ‘inner’ artist.
  9. Visit an outdoor performance (theatre, music) offered at various local parks during the summer!
  10. Read more books under the shade