Past Issues:

Love and Live… Spring

A field of TrilliumsEnjoy spring during the lovely weeks of April and May. Get out into the sunshine and enjoy those warm spring showers. It’s a great time to plan your garden or your balcony planters for the coming year, clean up your bike, get out the patio furniture and the barbecue.

You know it’s spring when:

  • The clear blue sky inspires you to wear your bright coloured clothing.
  • Soft green buds appear on trees, pussy willows burst open in the garden, and bluebells pop up on lawns and places unexpected.
  • The ground softens and the smell of spring excites you to look for and plant spring flowers.
  • Your backyard is once again filled with a symphony from the returning songbirds.
  • Symbols of Ontario in springtime are the returning “V” of Canada geese and trilliums growing in the ravines and woodland areas.
  • You are safe to pack away your winter coats, boots and mitts.

It’s time to savour what always feels like Ontario’s shortest, yet sweetest season of all.. SPRING!