Past Issues:

5 Reasons to make February & March the months of Celebrations!

  1. Farewell to coming home in the dark!
    Spring ahead to daylight savings time. (Mar. 8)
  2. Special Days: Groundhog’s Day (Feb. 2), Family Day (Feb. 16), Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14) Valentine’s is for everyone–see page 8, March Break (Mar. 16-20), St. Patrick’s Day (Mar. 17)
  3. February is Mardi Gras time! Why not have your own Mardi Gras party with family and friends?
  4. It’s never too early. Start thinking about your spring and summer wardrobe. A healthy diet and fitness routine will go a long way to show off your shape in the more revealing fashions.
  5. Goodbye winter, hello spring. The first day of spring! (Mar. 20)