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5 Things you can do to turn that end of season pressure into your best summer ever

Thinking that summer flew by too quickly? You’re not alone. With school about the start, most of us have no choice but to begin to get a bit more serious for fall, planning, scheduling, and getting organized once again.

Stop for a moment! Stretch out summer by doing one or more of the following:

Relax with friends and family
Find out how many days are left before the end of September and set aside some days and evenings for yourself, family and friends.

Call some friends
Are there people who you wanted to get together with over the summer but somehow, it never happened? Invite them now for that summer barbecue or picnic in the park!

Tackle one project on your “To Do List”
Pick one project that you know you need to do – maybe not your favourite but something that has to get done – and finish it while the weather is warm and daylight stretches into evening.

Go on a daytrip
Visit one place outside your neighbourhood; gallery, museum, country side markets, and get away without worrying about the gas!

Keep summer memories alive
Download your favourite summer photo onto your computer screen so summer stays with you a little longer!.

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