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5 ways to score a better summer holiday for your kids

Summer holidays means no homework, no regular classes and lots of time and options for young people.

1.  Learn one new sport
As well as improving fitness and well-being,
participating in athletics is a great confidence-builder.  It also helps build teamwork and strategic thinking.

2. Meet five new friends who are not from your class
This is a great way to build a group of lifelong friends as well as share interests and ideas.

3. Write a letter, a poem, song, or a story
It can either be from your real life, or from fiction. Then bring it back to school with you in September.

4. Do one good thing that you and others will remember after your return to school.
Either help a neighbour, someone elderly, or younger, who is in need.  Not only they will thank you for it but they will remember and tell everyone what you did.  Most importantly, you will feel really good about it for a very long time!

5. Learn to cook one good thing to eat and impress family members and friends.
It can be warm or cold, just remember to make it your signature dish next time at your family party or holiday dinner table.