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50s Style is Back on the Beach! Swimwear Trends This Summer

PinkSwimShortsWhether you’re racing, swimming, relaxing or playing volleyball on a beach, summer 2015 offers a wide range of swimwear suit styles for men and women.

What’s hot

  • African and Moroccan Influences – Leopard spots, tiger stripes, tropical colours and palm fronds. This season’s swimwear prints are definitely untamed, with wild patterns and jungle motives.
  • White sands – Look for light hues: sand, sea foam, pale beach sky, white on white with metallic trimming, cutouts and mesh. A good look for darker skin and (need we say more) – top models.

Get Sporty

Inspired by yoga wear, look for a wider choice in functional but fun sporty styles, from the classic Speedo styles (long and short for men) to halter top two-piece suits for women. No seams, no wire, easy to wear and quick to dry.

Women, Look For….

  • New high-waisted bikini suits, first popularized in the 50s. This style creates a more flattering figure for many.
  • Belts that decorate or clinch the waist
  • Jacket and swimsuit pairing. Stylish and sensible, especially if you’re staying in your suit to relax on a deck, or for cooler mornings/evenings.

Men, Look For…

  • Shorter hemlines in trunk style swimwear instead of the more conservative board shorts.
  • Blast from the past. A hot new trend is the iconic pale blue swim trunks worn by James Bond (Sean Connery) in the 1965 movie Thunderball.  Wear with a classic short sleeved “Guayabera” shirt, order a martini (shaken, not stirred) and you’re all set.

The Swimwear “Dictionary” for 2015

For Men

  • Trunks: looks like shorts, comes to mid-thigh or slightly shorter.
  • Board shorts or surf trunks: the most conservative choice, comes to just above the knee.
  • Jammers:  long fitted spandex style to keep you streamlined during swimming competitions.
  • Briefs: just what it says – brief.

PolkaDotBikiniFor Women

  • Classic maillot: a one-piece with straps and scooped neck.
  • Two piece: with bottoms that come to the waist.
  • Bikini: two-piece with bottoms that are briefs.
  • String bikini: the smallest amount of fabric, not necessarily made of string.
  • Tankini: two-piece, with a tank-style top – looks like it is all one piece.
  • Bandeau: a one or two piece with no straps.
  • Swim dress: one piece with a built-in skirt.
  • Racer back: athletic swimwear style.
  • Monokini: one-piece suit with the sides nearly completely cut out, giving the appearance of a bikini with the top and bottom connect by a sliver of fabric.
  • Racer back: athletic swimwear style.