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A Little Thank You Goes a Long Way

We hear and say “Thank You” so many times in a day. Are we thanking the people closest to us enough?

This year, take time to tell someone close to you that you appreciate what they did for you with a heart felt “thank you”.

There are times when you are invited to a dinner, or tea, or a weekend at their cottage; when someone has organized a movie night, coordinated a dinner reservation, researched a theatre evening and got everyone to agree on the time and date.

Think about all the planning, shopping and preparing your host put in before you sat down for a meal, or even drinks or coffee at their place. Instead of wishing something had been done differently, or how rushed you were getting there, take time to appreciate what you’ve been given.

A Little Thanks Goes a Long Way
Thank the host/organizer for the time they put in and their kind invitation: mention something specific, for example, you liked the delicious dessert or how lovely their home looked.

When you receive a gift, instead of judging it – not your style, colour or how much it cost, remember that the gift giver thought of you and took the time to find something to make you feel special.

A Little Thanks Goes a Long Way
Thank others for thinking of you. Tell them that the colour is your favourite, or that you used the movie pass to see that special movie you had been waiting for.

Thanking people doesn’t just stop at a gift or special event. Think about the effort it took for someone to collect your mail when you were away, give you a lift when in an urgent situation, watch your child after school, send you a photo that they took of you.

A Little Thanks Goes a Long Way
Remember to thank others for smaller gestures that took time and effort on their part.

Ways of Saying Thank You That is Easy and Sincere

Add one or two personal reasons when saying thanks, e.g. “I love going to movies”, “Going out to dinner is always a treat for me.” A good idea is to tell them how it made you feel, “Your gift made me feel special, thank you!”

Make sure your children learn how to express thanks, by sending a homemade thank you card or picture, or calling up grandma to say, “thank you.”

As an added touch, think of sending a photo of you, or your child, wearing/enjoying the gift, e.g. “Here we are wearing that scarf you sent us!”

Personalize Your Thanks

  • Traditional note cards: Get a box (30-50 cards, can be small size) of thank you cards, and stamps so you’re ready to get into the habit of writing a short note. It is ok if people have received the same card design, but what is important is the personal message.
  • A telephone call, even leaving a message is special.
  • Email your personal message if that is mostly how you communicate. Note: NO Texting!
  • Kids can put together a video greeting and message, or sing a thank you song.