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A Modern Twist to your Traditional Tree Décor

Decorating with a Christmas tree can be a challenge if you live in a small space, or just don’t want the trouble of such a large decorative piece in your home. There are many ways to dress up your home for the holidays that provide the same festive spirit as a traditional tree. And the best thing is they’ll last right through to your New Year’s celebrations.

Ideas for a new look:

  • Decorate an indoor plant that you already have, wrap a string of mini lights gently around branches and put the base in a metallic or deep red container.
  • Bring in branches from outdoors, stabilize in a vase, a bucket of sand or Styrofoam block. Add shiny balls, lights, and decorative “birds”. Try out different branches (winterberry with its bright berries works really well).
  • Build a mini-pyramid with bright red or mixed poinsettias, you can even arrange on a small ladder for a big effect.
  • Make a tree shape spiral out of hardcover books, and add votive candles carefully around the edges.
  • Decorate wire objects (for example, tomato cages from the garden) in sparkling lights.
  • Make one spot in your room a focal point, perhaps a mantel piece or a window sill, decorate with lights and evergreen boughs.
  • For the more ambitious, wrap tissue boxes in sparkling white or metallic paper so they resemble white “snow bricks”, then stack (and glue) in a pyramid shape (you’ll need at least a dozen).