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A Total Approach to Health

More than your average pharmacy.

Hooper’s is so much more than your average pharmacy. By offering both conventional and naturopathic remedies, with personalized care and preventative solutions, Hooper’s has become a Beaches destination for total health and wellness, well suited to the educated, community-minded Beaches neighbourhood.

These days, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Stress, for example, can account for 80% of the risk factor in illness. There are negative effects of pollution, smoking and alcohol, and many struggle with weight control. With confusion in the health industry and too much information, knowing what to do can be overwhelming. The answer is Hooper’s total approach to health. FirstLine Therapy, for example, was developed by Hooper’s to improve health, achieve health goals and reduce health risks.

With FirstLine, customers learn simple things they can do to take control of their health, e.g. diet, exercise, stress management and nutritional supplementation. Hooper’s also has qualified practitioners on-site to educate and answer questions. Monika Weller, CNP, for example, helps assess a situation, and tell you about a product before you buy. A Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Monica started out to be a nurse. When she found that so few doctors could answer her own health questions, she sought training in holistic nutrition.
Monica helps ensure you take the right approach for your health.

Although not able to diagnose, she can advise on healing, improving energy levels, or putting a diet or lifestyle change in place. Treating kids to seniors, Monika provides 15-minute consultation sessions with no charge for medication assessment, diet, lifestyle and preventative treatments. She also provides one-hour consultations for $65 on specific topics tailored to your needs, i.e. weight loss, stress or fertility/conception for men and women. “Everyone wants to live a healthy life,” she says, “But they struggle with sticking to a plan in order to get a tangible result.”

Often times, customers find that the medications they take have side effects. At Hooper’s, anyone is welcome to bring in their health card and take advantage of the no cost “Medcheck” medical review (covered by OHIP). Hooper’s is also a compounding pharmacy with two FT technicians, and a wide variety of products, which includes natural pet products: vitamins, salves, oils and supplements. New services such as allergy testing are planned for the future to better serve the health conscious Beaches neighbourhood. Clients can call ahead to make an appointment or walk-in, time permitting.

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