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All Your New Year’s Resolutions Lead to Living to the Fullest

NewyearspostWe all have our individual reasons and experiences for why we want to “seize the day”– (in Latin the famous 2,000 year old phase is “carpe diem”).  But in time we all learn that life really has to be lived to the fullest, each and every day. The impact we make on those around us, with our family, our friends, and community, is determined by what we do with the time we have each and every day, whether these are large gestures or just the small yet meaningful actions.

So ask yourself often: did I have a good day? Am I filling each day with the small simple things that make me happy? Did I make a difference today? Would I rather be doing something else?

Small simple things often give us joy and happiness like a conversation with a friend, taking your toddler to the park, making a favourite recipe or doing something kind for someone else. Or maybe today you’re going to do something from your “wish list”, something you’ve always wanted to try, a book you were going to read or listen to a new type of music. It is the ordinary activities that are easy to achieve that can continue to fill your day with joy.
Often it helps to write down what you plan to do because studies show that once goals are written, they have a much greater chance of happening. But don’t worry if it’s not a “grand goal”. Pick what’s important to you and what brings you joy.

  • Listen to your heart
  • Be conscious about the things around you
  • Notice the details—everywhere
  • Spread a bit of kindness
  • Learn something you didn’t know before
  • Dig deep into a subject you think you already understand
  • Dream big but break it down into smaller, achievable steps. You will be rewarded along the way.