Past Issues:

August Style

Stay stylish in August. Take advantage of fabulous summer cottons, breezy linens and bright accessories that work so well in hot weather with more casual dressing. Whether at work or around the barbecue, here’s how to stay cool and look cool through the rest of the summer.

Bright, even neon colours.You can’t go wrong with a skirt, shirt, beads, even a scarf in orange or persimmon.

Gladiator sandals. Some even wear the straps wrapped as high as their knees.

Summer dresses are hot, especially those with large floral and fruit prints, reminiscent of the 1950s.

Oversized white shirts for men and women as well as tailored white blouses, crisp or flowing in soft Indian cotton.

Summer hats for men and women, especially the “fedora” in cotton or straw. Sun hats are brimmed, but dress-up for a summer wedding women are wearing the “fascinator” , as inspired by the Royal Wedding.

Khaki pants or shorts loose or skinny style, go with anything.

White skinny jeans with a flowing neon top, add a cropped jacket for a more formal look.

Jumpsuit/rompers for the “under 30” set, in soft natural fibres. Wear with gladiator sandals.

A bandeau sundress in a bright colour, mini, maxi or midi length for a summer evening. Some feature twisted and ruched details.

Ankle-cropped pants in all colours for women; men are wearing light colour chinos with the cuffs down, neatly pressed for work, or in a tight roll for a more casual look.

Woven necklaces and bracelets: inspired by beach and surfing culture, theseadd interest to any outfit. Make your own by braiding together various sizes of ropes and a favourite string of beads.