Past Issues:

Back to School – A New Beginning

Everyone knows that September is “back to school”. Many of us forget that for many students, it also means a move to something new—a new school, a new start at a college or university, new courses even a new city or town.

There are things we can do as parents, aunts, uncles, friends to help children and youth of all ages make a smooth transition back to school, especially when it’s a new experience. Everyone appreciates a “back to school” gift bag, perhaps a new lunch bag (for young children), or food/beverage gift certificates for a college student away from home.
Here are some other ideas to “smooth” the transition and have a great new START!

Young kids:

  • Pens/pencils with their name on them.
  • A fun watch to keep time
  • New marker pens
  • Lunch treats

College/university students:

  • Poster for their residence wall
  • Framed photo of a family pet
  • Gift certificates for food, clothing, books
  • Memory stick on a key chain
  • Map of new city/town
  • Long distance phone card
  • Cell phone with long distance and unlimited text plan.