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Back to School with Confidence

Happy-KidsIt’s that time again. After a long summer break, kids are heading back to school. Most are enthusiastic about starting a new year but there’s always some apprehension about a new year with new classmates and perhaps a new school. Why not send them back with a sense of confidence and enthusiasm!


  • Everyone feels more confident when they feel prepared for a change. Even if your child doesn’t appear to care about being prepared, having the right supplies and being ready helps everyone.
  • Schools often provide supply lists of what is required.
  • It takes about 7 days to get used to a new routine so a week ahead of time, start shifting into the new time schedule.
  • If purchasing clothing such as new shoes, encourage your child to wear them around the house first so you know they fit and they get worn in a bit. Some kids don’t like to show up in brand new clothes the first day.


  • Be enthusiastic about the beginning of a new school year – show that you are excited.
  • Emphasize how good it is to have a fresh start
  • Talk about fun fall activities to look forward to
  • Spend time reminiscing about how you spent the last couple of months.
  • Assure them that it’s normal to feel apprehension ahead of a change, but encourage them to see it as a new adventure.
  • Take every chance you can to say how proud you are of them and how confident you are that they’ll be able to have a successful year.


There’s so much “back to school” talk on TV, in advertising, and from friends and relatives. Take time to make sure you listen when your child wants to talk about the year ahead.

  • If your child expresses apprehension about a teacher or a classmate, resist the urge to say, “everything will be fine.” Instead, assure your child that you are there to talk about it more if they need to.
  • Let your child talk about frustrations they’ve had in the past. Then emphasize that this is a new year, new beginning, and new chance.

Write a Story

Parenting Magazine has a great idea. “Write a story starring your child. Include anything he may be nervous about, like making friends or taking the bus alone, and show how it all works out well. Read it over and over until the first day of school and he just may be as confident as that kid in the book!”


This seems obvious, but unconditional love is the most important thing you can give your child in order that he or she feels accepted and confident. Make sure your child knows that you are excited for the school year and together, will help them do their best. But assure them that no matter what lies ahead, loving them is never in question!