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Be Bright, Be Bold, Break the Rules

peacokShirtThe spring/summer 2018 fashion trends are bright, bold and beautiful. Best of all, you can be in style with a complete new outfit, or just by adding one piece. It could be a bold scarf, loose fitting shirt, tangerine coloured pants, or just a patterned bag. The trick is – if you think you are breaking the rules, you probably are doing it right!

Here are some top rule-breaking trends for the season:

  • It’s all about mixing and matching different prints and patterns in the same outfit: tartans with stripes with florals.
  • Similar to the above, mix and match items, for example, a conservative checked-patterned suit with a floral blouse; sneakers with a flirty dress.
  • Choose fabric designs that you wouldn’t typically associate with clothing, for example, the printed floral this spring may look like they belong on a tablecloth, but they are totally on trend!
  • Look for shoes and boots in patterns. Yes, no longer just plain colours. Footwear is now available with graphic prints, designs and florals.
  • Same with men’s jackets: no more just a “navy” blazer. The very bold are choosing blazers and suits that remind some of upholstery!

rebelsmarket_rockabilly_pin_up_white_black_polka_dot_dress_gothic_50s_swing_retro_party_dresses_2Thanks to the ingenuity of the designers, here are some of the many pattern options. Better still, you’ll find them on scarves, shoes, ankle boots, jackets, skirts, jumpsuits (yes, they’re back!), backpacks, ties, loose flowing tops and dresses, the new “sleeveless jacket”, and T-shirts! You can choose your style head to toe, or just embellish with an accessory!

  • Stripes All Over: vertical, horizontal, diagonal, pinstripe, dashed; all different versions of stripes
  • Logomania (design and company logos on everything)
  • Checks and Tartans mixed together
  • ‘60s Florals, distinctive by their graphic shape, size and colours (orange)
  • Black and White Polka Dots
  • Rainbow Patterns (the entire rainbow)
  • Animal Patterns
  • Cartoon Prints
  • PalmPurseTropical Prints, look for hibiscus flowers and palm leaves Art Inspired Prints (e.g. “Monet” shirts, “Degas” bags)
  • Bold Abstract Prints, large swirls, bold geometric shapes
  • Pop Culture Prints
  • Statement tops, e.g. shirts that bear some kind of a statement, such as “Girl Power” or “Dog Lover”