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Be Good to YOU this Valentine’s Day – What makes you happy?

I-Love-Me-LogoFor many, Valentine’s Day is celebrated as a day of friendship and kindness expressed to others as well as yourself. In addition to showing others love and affection, take time on the 14th to practice some self love.

It means accepting who you are, and being proud of it. Fall in love with every thing that makes you – you!

It also means taking time for self care by knowing what makes you happy and acting on it when you can. It’s a pretty straightforward question, but take a moment to think about it.

Now write down what you might include, at least one into your day to make yourself happy, not just on Valentine’s Day, February 14, but every day.

Memories that made me happy as a child

  • Going out for ice cream with my father
  • Taking a road trip in our family van
  • Visiting grandparents
  • Getting new mittens
  • Learning to skate
  • Blowing bubbles

Activities that make me happy in daily life

  • Doing a great job
  • Cleaning out a cupboard
  • Playing tennis
  • Painting a picture
  • Taking photographs
  • Travelling anywhere
  • Bubble baths
  • Walking my dog
  • Planning my next trip
  • Giving a donation to a cause I believe in

“Things” that make me happy 

  • New shoes
  • A great cup of coffee
  • Cashmere anything
  • My home
  • Dark chocolate
  • My bicycle

Moments in life that make me happy

  • When I meet friends for dinner and we’re all gathered around a table
  • Finishing a morning run
  • Watching a sunset
  • Getting a handwritten note from someone
  • Watching a funny YouTube video
  • Getting a spontaneous hug from a child
  • Watching a favourite movie over again
  • Finding out that I passed an exam
  • Getting my driver’s license
  • Becoming a Canadian citizen

Activities that make me happy when I’m feeling a bit blue?

  • Going for a walk
  • Calling a friend
  • Playing catch with my dog
  • Getting a haircut
  • Watching a funny movie
  • Calling my mom
  • Buying fresh flowers